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"Epic" fund CXC issued a new currency: claimed to be zero-cost mining, actually paid back in 19 years

Source: a block chain, Author: Ratchet After half a year of silence, CXC, an "epic" fund, reproduced new actions. A new fund with the same line was born. It's called AK. "AK is coming, CXC is going to rise." Some leeks are eager to try, but they are harvested tragically-10 days after AK went online, […]

The money circle of the currency circle is eyeing a short video: dozens of "fire bull" platforms have been born, claiming to be "500 per month lying"

Text: Ratchet Pizza Source: a blockchain Editor's Note: The original title was "Funding Eyes on Short Video: Dozens of" Fire Bull "Platforms Was Launched, Known as" Lying to Make 500 Every Month ") The short video has become the newest concept of the currency circle of the currency circle. Recently, a fund called Miaoyin Short […]

Every time PlusToken changes, the crypto market is stormy?

A butterfly in the tropical rainforest of the Amazon Basin in South America, occasionally flapping its wings, can cause a tornado in Texas, USA, two weeks later. ——Edward Lorenz, American meteorologist, 1963. Author: Gray 49 degrees Edit: Black Earth Source: Carbon Chain Value (ID: cc-value) In June 2019, PlusToken, the "butterfly" in the cryptocurrency industry […]

The history of the death of the most bullish fund in the history of CXC: the rebate is as high as 10, and it is now down 85%

Text: Ratchet Source: A blockchain In July 2019, a blockchain project called CXC was born. "A small step for CXC, a big step for human civilization" "Subvert capitalism and enter the chain merchant civilization", the project's slogan is very arrogant. It is an out-of-pocket fund project: a level 10 pull-head mechanism, which once reached an […]

Funds Fair Win and imitation led to the congestion of Ethereum in the past few days, and the number of confirmed transactions was as high as 120,000.

The block rhythm BlockBeats news, recently many Ethereum funds DAPP because the gameplay innovation has attracted a large number of players, some funds have joined the Fomo countdown attribute, and some funds have joined the "level mechanism" "burn mechanism" These functions have caused the Ethereum blockchain to be congested, and the number of confirmed transactions […]

Responsible for the MLM team behind the fun step, only one rights defense consensus

The fun step fund, which is said to be 50 million users, has already been suspended. The carnival of yesterday is about to turn into a bubble. The fate of the fund disk has always ended with the fate of the collapse, and may be postponed, but the result is already doomed, and the success […]

Blockchain + pets = high yield? Pudong network police: Bit pig was investigated

If you have a pet to play, you can make money. In 7 days, the profit is 28%. You are using the blockchain technology on the tall. Are you tempted by such a game? If you are tempted, you will be fooled. Recently, Pudong network police official WeChat issued a notice that a platform named […]

What kind of funds can live for a year, but also on the hot search?

The blockchain technology is still slowly developing, and the landing is slightly confused. This year, the money-losing project no longer hits the technology, the XX prize winner, the landing and other gimmicks, but directly exposed the pyramid scheme "March". There are a lot of MLMs that use the blockchain as a scorpion, but there are […]

The price broke 76%, and Algorand was questioned as the Turing Award level.

Algorand, the blockchain project initiated by Turing Award winner Silvio Micali, claims to solve the impossible triangle problem of the blockchain. However, before being proved to solve the impossible triangle problem of the blockchain, Algorand was deeply mired in public opinion: the private placement cost of the token was $0.05, the first round shot was […]

The MLM "online" was arrested and the Yancheng police will investigate the participants of Plustoken in accordance with the law.

On July 16, the Shanxi Evening News reporter learned from the Shanxi Provincial Public Security Bureau: Recently, the Datong police cracked a large fund-raising fraud case. The scammers invested in the "blockchain" and "LCC light cone coins" and scam 100 in a short time. Yu Wan Renminbi. According to the chain of financial understanding, Datong […]