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Featured | Bitcoin Surviving Across Cyberspace, Material World, and Finspace

Source: Satoshi Shinmoto Today's content includes: 1) Outline the fee structure and incentives of the Bitcoin futures platform; 2) DappRadar: how boring rich people affect spinach applications; 3) Staking Hub: NuCypher AMA; 4) Bitcoin's habitat; 5) Adhesive Declaration: Let centralization and decentralization achieve each other. 1) Outline the fee structure and incentives of the Bitcoin […]

Babbitt Original | Zeroing out, getting rich in the market, do you know these three big futures players?

Many people say that the currency circle is the Shura field, and cruelty is the only background of this circle. If you take a picture of the "coin circle", it must be a dark black and white picture. And these three people I will introduce to you, they are the color elements in black and […]

Hitting another record high, the trading volume of bitcoin futures products on the Chiba Exchange exceeded US $ 100 billion

According to Cointelegraph reported on January 31, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) has traded more than $ 100 billion in bitcoin futures trading products. (Image source: pixabay ) The Chicago Mercantile Exchange Group Managing Director and Global Head of Equity Index Alternative Investment Products Tim McCourt told Cointelegraph: Since its launch in December 2017, the […]

Bitcoin options products are coming soon, what do you think of the head of CME?

At present, the cryptocurrency market is still in its infancy, and there are only a small number of trading and investment products in the traditional financial market. However, in the past few years, with the introduction of Bitcoin and other encryption asset-related products, such as BitMEX futures and Deribit options, the field of cryptocurrency continues […]

Futures Exchange Industry 2019 Phase II Research Report

Summary of points: 1. From January to July 2019, the volume of digital passbook futures increased significantly. The total market futures transaction volume reached 1,605.7 billion US dollars, accounting for 26.15% of the total market transaction volume (the current spot transaction volume was 4,533.6 billion US dollars; the futures spot total transaction volume was 6,139.3 […]

A bit of a bit of a bitcoin contract: Prosperous derivatives will pave the way for institutional investors

The entry of exchanges such as Bakkt will definitely bring the contract market to a new competitive landscape, and its variety and compliance will continue to improve. No matter who becomes the next "king of the futures exchange", the existence of bitcoin will be more and more accepted, and the bitcoin derivatives market will reach […]

Ethereum rose 7.5% today, and CME Group is preparing for Ethereum futures.

According to The Block, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) is expected to change the Ethereum-related reference rates and indices on July 15. The source said that this could mean that an encryption-related futures will enter the market. Specifically, the CME side will add the platform data of the crypto exchange itBit to the reference index, […]

CME Group may launch Ethereum futures this year, and Ethereum has multiple benefits.

According to a statement released last Friday by the CME Group, the group is adjusting its benchmark interest rates and indices related to Ethereum, which are tentatively scheduled to be released on July 15. According to informed sources, this may mean that CME is about to launch Ethereum futures trading. However, the biggest challenge facing […]

CBOE closes the countdown of Bitcoin futures. Is the bear market in 2018 a pot?

On June 19th, the world's largest options market, the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE), will officially close the Bitcoin futures trading after the completion of the last single bitcoin futures contract, and only one past the launch of its bitcoin futures contract. A year and a half. Time reverts back to December 2017, CBOE and […]

Playing a contract is like gambling. Once you are addicted, you can’t stop.

Yesterday saw the news: Biti founder Hui Yi committed suicide on June 5, and committed suicide on June 5. If things are true, then it is really another tragedy of the currency. Hui Hui is recognized as the god of speculative operation. "I opened a 10-fold leveraged empty order of 10 bitcoins in the 5 […]