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Decentraland first experience: virtual world based on Ethereum

Foreword: Decentraland released its virtual world last week, and Blue Fox Notes also experienced the product initially. At present, there are some virtual buildings and some designs are dazzling, but on the whole, it is still in the very early stage of product polishing. . According to opensea's NFT sales, Decentraland ranks first, with sales […]

What if your visa is an NFT?

Author: 0x29 Source: BlockBeats Non-homogeneity tokens (NFT) recent high heat, there should be two reasons, the development of their own good, coupled with the "peer off", such as Even in blessing Fomo 3d halo, even in the case of referral marketing guru Sun Yuchen, even after the user an unprecedented degree of attention, the […]

Featured | NFT Game User Overlap Report on Ethereum; How Zero-Knowledge Proof Changes the Blockchain

Editor's Note: The original title was "Shingen Satoshi's Notes | Capturing Protocol Value in an Effective Way, Less Hype and More Logic" Today's content includes: 1. Token economics: capture the value of the agreement in an effective way; 2. Introduce zero mortgage loans; 3. How zero-knowledge proof changes the blockchain (in non-technical terms); 4. The […]

Knowing that playing Just.Game has a high probability of losing money, why are there still many people who "get into the pit"?

Original: Five Fireball Leaders In recent days, fluctuating currency prices have made people in the blockchain industry boring to the extreme, and several originally extremely active groups have gradually begun to fall into freezing points and no one speaks. This is the WeChat group. It is the most active during the skyrocketing, and everyone comes […]

The world's first currency circle super IP game "Coin Circle Battle"

The coin circle battle is the first casual sports game with a new gameplay and beautiful pictures created by the currency circle IP. It supports multiplayer simulation and real battle. In the game, players can defeat their opponents by operating their own characters and win the highest rankings to win all the prizes. The operation […]

I understand the current status of blockchain games: To what extent is it going to happen, will there be hope in the future?

Foreword: In addition to currency and finance, the blockchain field has always attracted attention. From the beginning of encryption cats, it has ignited people's enthusiasm for blockchain games. However, due to user experience and scalability issues, blockchain games have been on a smaller scale, so to what extent is the current blockchain game going? Will […]

Game giant EA also wants to enter the blockchain? Maybe not as simple as you think.

Today, game giant Electronic Arts (EA) posted on Twitter, "Invest in Crypto." As a world-renowned game maker, EA has developed a number of globally popular games such as the Red Alert Series, the FIFA Series, the Need for Speed ​​Series and the Sims Series. There are many loyal fans around the world, and its Twitter […]

Funds Fair Win and imitation led to the congestion of Ethereum in the past few days, and the number of confirmed transactions was as high as 120,000.

The block rhythm BlockBeats news, recently many Ethereum funds DAPP because the gameplay innovation has attracted a large number of players, some funds have joined the Fomo countdown attribute, and some funds have joined the "level mechanism" "burn mechanism" These functions have caused the Ethereum blockchain to be congested, and the number of confirmed transactions […]

The traditional game to do chain change is not what you want to change can change

At the end of 2017, along with the highlight of the cryptocurrency price, the blockchain game "Encryption Cat" was on fire, and an NFT cat born in Ethereum actually sold for $120,000. Overnight, many developers saw the huge profit margins of the game combined with the blockchain, the dongle, the encrypted celebrity, the encryption country… […]

Viewpoint | Blockchain game is not the future

Abstract: The future we are chasing is not a blockchain game, but a better game of blockchain technical characteristics. The best ending to the prosperous application of the chain travel industry is that the public has forgotten the "special existence" of blockchain games, but the value of game assets is deeply rooted in people's hearts […]