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Providing payment channels for virtual currency, bo color and other illegal platforms.

This is not a case. Recently, a number of investors reported to the Economic Observer, and the multiple platforms they participated in were finally found to be online fraud platforms, and many payment agencies also provided payment settlement services for these platforms. Many investors requested payment companies to seal accounts. And freeze merchant funds. Among […]

DAPP trend list: gaming is no longer popular funds into the mainstream

| Author: Block rhythm BlockBeats 0x30 | Welcome to add the author WeChat qkldlinda to communicate with him! Reproduction without authorization is prohibited! The DAPP market rebounded slightly last week. According to DAPP Review data, EOS's 7-day transaction volume reached $159 million, Ethereum reached $47 million, and TRON reached $94 million. At present, the funding […]

EOS status: 72% of applications involving gambling are listed as high-risk poems and distant places

Recently, Bloomberg issued a statement saying that Ethereum is losing its former glory: on the one hand, as more and more public-chain platforms emerge, developers and investors have more choices; on the other hand, Ethereum is in the Dapp field. The market share has gradually been eroded by rising stars such as EOS and TRON. […]

How long will the V-God disappoint with the blockchain and the game?

There is only one way to conquer death: Grab the world before death. Adonis "My loneliness is a garden" | Why is the blockchain game not fun? | | How to break? | From the end to the page tour to the mobile game, is a historical roaming of the game, and this evolution is […]