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Gartner lists 6 ideas that hurt digital business, also applies to blockchain

Translation | Interchain Pulse · Yaqi Editor's Note: The original title was "Gartner Lists 6 Ideas That Damage Digital Business, Also Suitable for Blockchain" [Interlink Pulse Press] Regardless of whether it is accepted or not, every individual and enterprise is experiencing a transition to a digital economy. There will be many outdated ideas when the […]

Gartner: Blockchain will achieve globalization and scale in 2027

In the severe global economic situation, blockchain has become a hot air outlet in the past two years. Blockchain technology and the socio-economic value industry behind it have gradually attracted more and more attention. The capital market's enthusiasm for blockchain has never stopped, whether it is the birth of "the first share of the global […]

Gartner's Top Ten Strategic Technology Trends in 2020: Blockchain will be fully scalable by 2023

Source: Interchain Pulse Recently, Gartner released the top ten strategic technology trends in 2020, including blockchain technology. It is also pointed out that the blockchain has been applied to experiments and small-scale projects, and will be fully scalable by 2023. Gartner stated in his strategic planning vision that by 2023, the blockchain will be technically […]

Gartner: Blockchain is listed in the top ten strategic technology trends of 2020, against one of the highlights of deepfake

Recently, Gartner, a well-known consulting firm, released the top ten strategic technology trends in 2020 at the Gartner Symposium in Orlando, USA, including the Practical Blockchain. Gartner pointed out that blockchain can be used to build trust and transparency. To achieve value exchange across business ecosystems, reduce costs, reduce transaction time and improve cash flow, […]