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A new high in history! The correlation between Bitcoin and the S & P 500 index is about 0.5. What has happened to "digital gold"?

Source: LongHash Editor's Note: The original title was "Bitcoin and S & P 500 reach the highest level in history" In the middle of last month, the correlation between Bitcoin and the S & P 500 index reached a record high. The S & P 500 Index is a market index that tracks the performance […]

View | "Rich Dad Poor Dad" Author: Bitcoin "people's currency", which can effectively protect against inflation

Recently, "rich dad" Robert Kiyosaki (Robert Kiyosaki) frequently tweeted about Bitcoin's optimistic views. The Vietnamese veteran is well-known for his book Rich Dad Poor Dad on financial investment and successful studies. He has always admired investment products such as Bitcoin, gold and silver. Image source: visualhunt His reasoning is simple: The Federal Reserve of the […]

Opinion | When Bitcoin prices plummet in the next few years, gold will "land on the moon"

Original title: "Peter Schiff predicts that when Bitcoin prices plummet, gold will soar" Peter Schiff once again pointed the finger at the crypto community, predicting that when Bitcoin collapses in the next few years, gold will "moon to the moon." The outspoken cryptocurrency skeptic and gold supporter Peter Schiff once again targeted the Bitcoin community […]

Opinion | Pantera Capital CEO: BTC is better than gold, now is an important moment to prove yourself

Under the crisis of COVID-19, concerns about the collapse of the financial system have swept the world. Many cities have been blocked for several weeks now. After the blockade, many businesses closed and stores closed. In the United States alone, the number of unemployed people increased to 6.6 million (some statistics say it has exceeded […]

Data: Correlation between gold and Bitcoin hits 10-month high, Bitcoin may usher in important price breakthrough

The global supply chain is facing physical gold shortages in the face of supply chain disruptions, investors fleeing to safe assets and major actions taken by the Federal Reserve to support the financial system. According to Bloomberg, the premium of gold futures on the spot price of gold has reached its highest level in decades. […]

The correlation between Bitcoin and gold is declining, has its "safe harbor" attribute gone forever?

Bitcoin has always been considered a better investment option than traditional stocks, and was once called a "safe harbor" by investors. Whether or not Bitcoin has a "safe harbor" attribute, its performance is very similar to that of gold during the 2008 financial crisis. Many analysts point out that the similarity between Bitcoin and major […]

Xiao Lei: Bitcoin's risk aversion is limited, but humans underestimate the trend it represents

Text: Xiao Lei Source: Xiao Lei City Club The price of bitcoin started to rise from mid-December last year, and by mid-February this year, it has increased by more than 60%. During this period, the epidemic in the Chinese market has intensified and a new round of adjustments have been made in the global stock […]

SheKnows 丨 If the economic crisis, what will the blockchain do?

Recently, global stock markets have plummeted, U.S. stocks have triggered a second meltdown in history, 10-year U.S. Treasury yields hit a record low, crude oil plummeted by 30%, price wars began, gold oscillated, Bitcoin continued to fall … Is the global economic crisis coming? What about the blockchain? Who will become a safe-haven asset? How […]

Opinion | The Fed's interest rate cut is limited, Bitcoin cannot be compared with gold

Cryptocurrency market conditions have been ups and downs recently, but in contrast, global financial markets have shown more painful struggles. US stocks have continued to plummet, global stock markets have fallen sharply, production reduction agreements have broken, crude oil prices have plummeted, and further U.S. stocks have melted and panic. The index hit a new […]

Where will the safe-haven funds go after Black Monday?

Source: Finance and Economics · Chain Finance Author: Ren Qing Guide: Crude oil plummeted 30%, U.S. stocks triggered a second meltdown in history, gold broke $ 1,700, 10-year U.S. Treasury yield fell below 0.4% and hit a record low again. After "Black Monday", where did the safe-haven funds go? ? Can Bitcoin Become a New […]