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Wall Street crocodile enters the world's largest investment bank Goldman Sachs has established a cryptocurrency team

A list of recruits completely exposed Goldman's determination to enter the cryptocurrency market. On July 10th, Goldman Sachs, one of the world's largest investment banks, updated its recruitment information on its official website and added the position of “Digital Asset Project Manager”. The job recruitment requirements reveal two important pieces of information: 1. Goldman Sachs […]

The battle for traditional institutional encryption: Goldman Sachs set up a digital asset team to target Morgan

According to the recruitment requirements of the Digital Asset Project Manager in the document, Goldman Sachs' new cryptographic business will be separated from its cryptocurrency derivatives trading business and will focus on exploring new digital asset opportunities for banks. “The project manager of the Digital Assets team will play an integral role in helping to […]

Goldman Sachs CEO: We have never planned to open a digital currency trading platform

The hearing gathered the CEOs of the seven largest US banks. Talking about the high paying of Wall Street bankers and whether they have become more responsible in the 10 years since the large-scale bank subsidies funded by taxpayers in 2009. "We have never planned to set up a digital currency exchange" At the hearing, […]

Goldman Sachs really want to do cryptocurrency transactions? Why is JP Morgan Chase?

Warren Davidson, a member of Ohio, asked questions about Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon, JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon, and New York Mellon Bank CEO Charles Scharf about cryptocurrency and blockchain in a limited five-minute period. I believe that Davidson's question is also a hot spot for the cryptocurrency community. For example, whether the cryptocurrency trading […]