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Can Brave succeed in challenging Google Chrome with over 1 billion users?

In the past 10 years, Google Chrome has occupied the Internet browser market with an astonishing market share of nearly 60%, and the user scale has reached billions. Google ’s browser competitors, including Apple ’s Safari, Microsoft ’s Edge (formerly known as Internet Explorer), and Mozilla ’s Firefox, however, to a large extent, they have […]

Alphabet: From investment to R & D and application, Google blockchain is catching up

Author: Sumiko Source: 01 Blockchain Relying on the search and advertising business, Google ("Google" in this article refers to the reorganized parent company Alphabet [1] of the original search giant Google) has been in the "dominant position" in the Internet field. The latest data shows that Google has a global search engine share of 93 […]

Can distributed search engines challenge Google's dominance?

Source: Hackernoon Translation: First Class (First.VIP) Some startups have proposed the concept of a distributed search engine, focusing on the decentralized ideas behind building Web 3.0. Despite the complexity of creating a fully functional and workable distributed search engine, they are always trying various models to achieve this. Who would have thought that this story […]

DeFi Eighty-One Difficulties: Starting from the App Store delisting dApp

Source | Translation | First Class (First.VIP)   Last week, Google Play and the Apple App Store both removed crypto applications. Before the public adopts DeFi products and services, there are still 981 barriers, including accessibility, user experience, speed, and so on. The first barrier facing DeFi is the App Store / Android application […]

MetaMask Android app removed from Google Store, V God commented that "review has begun"

On December 27, the MetaMask team announced on Twitter that Google had removed its Android client in the Google Play Store, claiming that it violated Google's financial services policies. Google claims that this is because of its policy of prohibiting mobile mining applications from appearing in app stores. But in fact, MetaMask, as an Ethereum […]

Fun! Use the Google form as a side chain and send and receive ETH with an email address.

At the ETHWaterloo Programming Marathon, three developers spent two days developing a new project – connecting the Ethereum blockchain to the Google system so that users can recharge ETH to their email address, and then Send ETH to someone else's email address. (Source: wikimedia ) How to trade through the mailbox? The whole process is […]

Google, Internet Stock and Ethereum

Author: Anthony Bertolino Edit: Summer Source: Unitimes After the Internet bubble dust settled, we witnessed the rise of the unique Internet companies from the ashes, bringing great value to users. Not only does this attract hundreds of millions of users, but it also translates into a significant increase in the price of the underlying stock. […]

Opinion | What does Google's “quantum hegemony” mean for the future of the blockchain industry?

In this way, the prediction of quantum computers replacing traditional computers is a step closer to reality. Image source: visualhunt According to a recent report by the Financial Times, technology giant Google claims to have achieved "quantum supremacy," which means it has built a quantum computer that can solve problems that were previously impossible. Mathematical […]

What does Google's quantum breakthrough mean for blockchain cryptography?

Over the years, we have been warned that the breakthrough in quantum computing is just around the corner. When this day comes, we are told that it may make existing encryption standards obsolete, threatening the security of each major blockchain. This day seems to finally come, Google has achieved "quantum hegemony", although this feat is […]

Google Privacy Intersection and Technical Analysis 2 – Technical Overview

In the previous article, we analyzed the application scenarios of Private Join and Compute ( Google Privacy Intersection and Technical Analysis 1 – Application Scenario Analysis ). This article analyzes its technology. Google's open source library is to use the existing cryptographic technology to solve the problem by combining existing technologies. It's a bit like […]