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Contribution takes "credit currency", a town in Hangzhou explores a new way of blockchain rural governance

Source of this article: Zhejiang Online, original title "Xiaoshan Dai villages and towns use digital technology to explore new roads for grassroots co-governance and sharing, when" blockchain "enters the countryside" Author: Xiao Wen Zhang Cong stay The spring breeze blows, thousands of acres of wild Yingshan red are opening up in the Yunshi Mountains in […]

The application prospect of blockchain technology in sudden public safety incidents: how to realize "digital city governance" and "digital epidemic prevention"?

Source: National Governance Weekly Editor's Note: The original title was "The Application Prospect of Blockchain Technology in Sudden Public Safety Incidents" From March 29 to April 1, General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out during his inspection in Zhejiang: "Using big data, cloud computing, blockchain, artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge technologies to promote innovation in urban […]

Journal of Party and Government Studies | Government Governance Practices of Blockchain Technology: Applications, Challenges, and Countermeasures

Author: Bai Pinghao (Central Party School (National School of Administration) History Department of Research Associate Professor); Yang Ning Cong (Nankai University PhD School of Marxism) Source: Party and Government Studies [Abstract] The application of blockchain technology in government governance is the unification of physical technology and social technology. Its core technologies such as consensus mechanism, […]

Perspectives | Three Important Ways for Blockchain Development

Source: Yunnan Network, original title "Blockchain technology in the post-epidemic era will promote the development of digital economy in Yunnan" Reporter: Zhao Gang What role will the digital economy in the post-epidemic era, especially the emerging blockchain technology, play in improving and innovating the digital society governance mechanism and methods? How can Yunnan Province accelerate […]

Governance Practice of Ethereum from ProgPow Controversy

Foreword: There has never been a lack of governance disputes in the history of blockchain, so Bitcoin and Ethereum have had a hard fork. The more controversial recently is ProgPoW of Ethereum, and the voting event of Steemit a few days ago. For the growth of any chain, governance disputes are almost inevitable. In the […]

Babbitt Column | Blockchain Simulates Capitalism, Not Democracy-On Steemit Control

On February 14, 2020, Sun Yuchen announced the marriage of Tron and Steemit on Valentine's Day, and Tron acquired Steem lnc. Sun thus obtained 65 million Steem voting rights. After 10 days, a soft fork appeared on the Steemit chain, freezing 65 million voting rights Sun obtained. The Steem team claims to be worried that […]

"Steemit lightning seizure of power" has triggered a big discussion on public chain governance. Where does the individual "voting right" go?

Original: a poplar On March 2, Steemit, using the DPOS consensus mechanism, suddenly staged a wonderful "House of Cards" plot: The steem tokens of individual head exchange hot wallets suddenly intervened in Steemit witnesses (witnesses, similar to the super nodes in EOS, responsible for network block generation and motion management) in Power Up, with tens […]

Babbitt Exclusive | Staking + DeFi + DAO, the rough collision of complex transactions and simple governance

Recently, the author has seen two messages in succession. Because the names are very similar, they almost confuse me. Message 1: Jonas Lamis, CEO of Tezos Capital, founded Staker DAO, and holders of Staker Token (STKR) will generate value from the DeFi agreement. Message 2: Stake service provider Stake Capital launches Stake DAO, announcing that […]

Feeding Developers with Miner Taxes: Zcash's Decentralized Governance Dilemma

Original author: William Foxley Compilation: Alice, Jiang Xiaoyu According to the voting results announced by the Zcash Foundation on January 30, the Zcash community has agreed to continue funding the development of the privacy coin ZEC led by the ZCC (Electric Coin Company) and the Zcash Fund. It is worth noting that this vote also […]

People's Daily February 4th article: Blockchain technology can improve government governance

Author: JiangMingAn Source: People's Daily Editor's Note: The original title was "People's Daily: Promoting the Application of Blockchain and Other Technologies to Improve the National Administrative System" Introduction: The modernization of national governance system and governance capacity inevitably requires the modernization of government governance system and governance capacity. The modernization of government governance system and […]