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Only 24 hours are left to register for the Wanxiang Blockchain Charity Hackathon!

The registration for the "Unique 'Chain' Branch" Wanxiang Blockchain Public Welfare Hackathon will be officially closed tomorrow (February 27) at 11:59 noon. The content of the competition focuses on the use of blockchain technology to contribute to the socio-economic development after the epidemic, and encourages participants to develop ideas on blockchain and public affairs governance, […]

Online! Wanxiang blockchain public welfare hackathon, waiting for you to solve these real post-epidemic social needs together

Wanxiang Blockchain Lab jointly launched a "same gas 'chain' branch" with a number of industry partners, such as matrix elements, distributed capital, Haopu, DoraHacks, Motor Union Technology, LongHash, and Magic Orange. The competition is in full swing and will close at 11:59 on February 27th. The entire hackathon took place online. At the same time, […]

Wanxiang Blockchain Online Charity Hackathon Starts

The current outbreak of new coronary pneumonia has caused a huge impact on the work and life of each of us. While bringing some problems and challenges, it has also given us a lot of inspiration and reflection. What can the blockchain do for this epidemic? At the moment of the epidemic, many projects using […]

From the cathedral to the bazaar, the charm of hackathon and the soul of the developer community

0, the history of open source culture: from the niche to the mainstream From closed to open, ideal for free software "Cathedral and Market" is the Bible of the open source movement, subverting traditional software development ideas and affecting the entire software development field. Author Eric S. Raymond is the standard-bearer of the open source […]