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One article revealed the mystery of the North Korean hacker team: the world is fighting the epidemic, but they are stealing Bitcoin?

"The most deadly may be the beast with its teeth and claws, or it may be the silent viper at its feet." Recently, the whole world has been fighting the epidemic, but North Korea, a wonderful workman, is busy laundering money . No, two Chinese citizens were sued by the US Treasury Department for using […]

Crypto investment fund Trident hacked, data leaks of 266,000 users

Author: Liang CHE Source: Tweet Trident, a Malta-based crypto investment fund, leaked data from up to 266,000 users as a result of the hack. Russian newspaper Izvestia reported on Thursday that Ashot Oganesyan, chief technology officer of cybersecurity company DeviceLock, said users' personal data had been posted on multiple file-sharing sites after the incident. […]

Graphic dismantling of a large whale account theft, a professional hacker gang committed

Text: Zhou Fan Cartography: Hu Lingyu, Zheng Biao Source: PeckShield Hidden in the dark jungle of the blockchain world are a group of hackers with strong technical expertise, as well as a group of early ringgits who made a lot of money from investing in Bitcoin. In theory, if the big guy only revealed his […]

Hackers demand bitcoin ransom in Johannesburg. When is Bitcoin Ransom?

Author | edition Translation | Huohuo Sauce Production | Blockchain Base Camp In 2019, there have been many cases of hackers extorting Bitcoin around the world. In the second half of the year, hackers attacked the network in Johannesburg and demanded a ransom for bitcoin. Funzela Ngobeni, a member of the Johannesburg City Council, said: […]

Killer whale stolen 260 million BTC and BCH! Rewarded heavily, begging miners to roll back the block

At noon on February 22, a Weibo post by Dovey Wan, founding partner of Primitive Ventures, made many people aware of the trouble. She said that a giant whale account lost 100,000 BCH worth 30 million U.S. dollars. In addition, he lost 15 million U.S. dollars in BTC. Soon, coin and coin co-founder Pan Zhibiao […]

Analysis of hard core technology | bZx protocol attacked by hackers

On February 15, the bZx team issued an announcement on the official telegram group, saying that a hacker had carried out a vulnerability attack on the bZx protocol and had suspended other functions except lending. As for the details of the attack, bZx officials did not disclose it in detail. PeckShield security personnel proactively followed […]

Hackers are getting smarter, with the largest number of exchange attacks ever in 2019

Source | bitcoinmagazine Translation | Huohuo Sauce Production | Blockchain Camp (ID: blockchain_camp) Currently, major cryptocurrency exchanges are constantly strengthening their security to defend against cyber attacks, and hackers are also improving their technology in the same way-according to the data, they are constantly achieving their goals. According to data compiled by blockchain analysis company […]

In Nordic Blockchain Week, I felt the power of the winter

Author: Song Ping, executive director of Digital Renaissance Foundation, cold leek in the Nordic Growth. This is an article that can feel the low temperature through the screen of your mobile phone. Please bring your own autumn pants. First, let ’s look at a very cold point of knowledge. When it comes to northern Europe, […]

Annual Inventory: Hacker Raves Behind the Crypto Market Boom

Author Liang CHE Source: Tweet In 2019, frequent hacking incidents have become a lingering cloud over the crypto world, and BitpushNews has taken stock of some hacking incidents that occurred in the past year. Cryptopia goes bankrupt after attack Cryptopia, based in New Zealand, is the first cryptocurrency exchange to be hacked in 2019. […]

Summary of blockchain security incidents in 2019, global loss exceeds $ 6 billion

table of Contents: I. Introduction Active status of mainstream digital assets in 2019 Summary and analysis of digital asset crime incidents in 2019 (I) Hacking to steal digital assets 1.Exchange loopholes 2. Smart contract vulnerabilities 3.Wallet vulnerabilities 4.Public chain vulnerabilities 5. Improper use by users (II) Illegal transactions on the dark web using digital assets […]