Articles of hacking

Defi protocol bZx was attacked twice in one week, highlighting industry concerns

Defi protocol bZx was attacked again within a week, this time losing more than $ 600,000 in ETH. This was the second attack in a few days, just after bZx had just deployed a contract upgrade. BZX tweeted that the second attack was an oracle operation attack, which was completely different from the first attack […]

Research Report | The biggest hidden danger of blockchain security in 2020 is it

According to data from the blockchain security company PeckShield, there were a total of 177 blockchain security incidents in 2019, including 63 major security incidents, with a total loss of US $ 7.679 billion, a 60% increase from 2018. . Text | Odaily Planet Daily & PeckShield Edit | Mandy Production | Odaily Planet Daily […]

Difficulties and Solutions to Blockchain Security in Accidents

Source / Chain Catcher, the original title "Difficulties and Solutions to Blockchain Security in Accidents" Author / Hu Tao Unauthorized, declined to reprint Looking at the security situation of the blockchain industry over the past year, there have been major security incidents almost every month. On-chain assets worth more than 10 billion have been stolen […]

The encryption technology used by malicious people has become one of the worst attack software in 2019?

Source: Bitcoinmagazine Compilation: Fire sauce production: blockchain base camp (blockchain_camp) Original title: "Cheng Yi Xiao He, defeat also Xiao He?" Encryption technology was maliciously exploited as one of the worst attack software in 2019! 》 The ancestors have left us with a lot of wisdom, such as some widely circulated sentences: "Chengdu Xiaohe, defeat also […]

The data shows that there were 11 security incidents in August and the digital currency worth over 60 million was stolen.

According to the statistics of the Eagle-Eye platform of the Chengdu Chain Security Situational Monitoring Platform, various attacks and money-losing incidents occurred frequently in August, and 11 typical security incidents occurred. These include: 1. Three Dapp attacks occurred on the EOS chain, and the hacker attack exceeded 20,000 EOS. 2. A malicious website falsifies the […]

Blockchain Security Science: Witch Attack

As more and more people participate in the blockchain industry, the new vitality of the industry, as well as the lack of relevant knowledge and lack of security awareness, gives attackers more opportunities. In the face of frequent security incidents, Slow Fog has launched a blockchain security entry notes series to introduce blockchain security related […]

Who is the information of the user who sells the coin? What have the leaked information been taken?

While enjoying the convenience of the Internet, it also makes privacy data a step closer to streaking. Recently, many people in the currency circle have been caught in the trouble of "information disclosure." In the past month, many investors in the currency circle have received a type of telephone call: the other party claims to […]

A picture of the stolen Bitcoin exchange in the past years

This infographic is mainly to summarize the past money currency exchanges and then display them in a visual form. The hacking attacks contained in this infographic are not limited to exchanges, and other large organizations have experienced similar hacking attacks, such as Silk Road 2.0. At the same time, in this information map, the bitcoin […]

The hacker is keeping a close eye on the currency exchange: 5 were killed and 8 were "Lai Lai"

Digital currency is becoming a fertile ground for hackers. The hot exchange is undoubtedly a huge "gold mine" that has been stared at by hackers, waiting for an opportunity. Yesterday morning (May 8th), the global head cryptocurrency trading platform Binance Coin was stolen 7074 bitcoins, estimated at real-time currency, with losses exceeding $41 million. According […]

The currency lost 300 million, but the hacker is not the biggest winner.

Starting from the small holiday on May 1, Bitcoin has been rising for a week, with a maximum of $6,000. Just as the entire currency circle was immersed in the joy of rising, the sudden money hacking incident cut off the curve of bitcoin rising. At 17:00 on May 7th, the US East Announced a […]