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Babbitt Column | Deng Jianpeng: Has Hainan's Blockchain Policy Breakthrough?

Author: Deng Jianpeng (Central University of Finance and Law Professor / PhD supervisor), author e-mail: djp (@) (remove the brackets when sending e-mail) (This article was authorised by the author for Babbitt's exclusive online launch) Since the State Council approved Hainan Province as a free trade port, Hainan has been given high hopes in […]

Focus on Hainan's blockchain boom: the talent dilemma behind the "gold rush"

Source: "Science and Technology Board Daily" , the original title "Focus on Hainan's Blockchain Fever: Baidu, 360, Huobi, and Oke are" gold rush "These key shortcomings are to be solved! 》 Author: Gang Chai Recently, Hainan is very "blue". Within a week, two large-scale forums related to blockchain were held in Sanya and Haikou, and […]

Why do blockchain companies like to go to Hainan?

Author: 31QU In 2018, China's first officially licensed blockchain industry test zone was established in Hainan Ecological Software. On December 1, 2019, Hainan International Offshore Innovation and Pioneering Pilot Zone was unveiled. The recently renamed Ouke Group entered the first batch of blockchain companies. In the past year or so, Hainan has attracted more than […]

Depth | The next Singapore? Interpreting the Development Prospects of Hainan Blockchain from a Policy Perspective

The Hainan International Offshore Innovation and Entrepreneurship Demonstration Zone Construction and Blockchain · Digital Asset Trading Technology Innovation High-end Forum was held in Hainan on December 1. We have noticed that this conference should be the first related conference involving provincial and ministerial leaders following the recent domestic related policy events on digital asset trading […]

Blockchain Weekly | Policy breeze blows frequently, expecting a breakthrough in the regulatory sandbox in Hainan

Summary Event: At the high-end forum on the construction of Hainan International Offshore Innovation and Demonstration Demonstration Zone on the morning of December 1, Chen Yang, director of the local financial supervision bureau of Hainan Province, said that through digital encryption, blockchain and other models, Hainan was introduced to introduce a regulatory sandbox model. The […]

Building a “government wisdom brain” and promoting “blockchain+”, building big data across Hainan Island

On September 27th, the Standing Committee of Hainan Provincial People's Congress deliberated and passed the "Regulations on the Application of Big Data in Hainan Province" to further optimize the development environment of big data. On September 28th, the tenth press conference of the theme series of the “70 Years of Struggling New Era” in Hainan […]