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Web 3 "Value Internet" Quantitative Indicators: From BTC to Ethereum to MakerDAO

Source: Public Number Encrypted Valley Live Original title: "Web 3 Series | Fabric Ventures: A Complete Overview of Quantitative Indicators for Value Internet" After studying seven venture capital funds, we are convinced that key indicators play a pivotal role in assessing a company's performance, such as: “What is the current growth of MRR?” “Which customers […]

Ling listening 2020: the first time in the New Year's speech talks about the sense of certainty, chaos is not the abyss is the ladder

From the beginning of the first season, "Game of Thrones" has depicted seven families including Lannister, Tangerian, and Stark. In order to compete for the symbol of power, the Iron Throne has been fighting for years, which is full of killing and plundering. The tactics, which made the medieval Europe in chaos. The "Little Finger" […]

DeFI: Ethereum's currency Lego

Share: Pan Chao Finishing: Uncle Red Army (Boundless Community) As the almost largest DeFi application in Ethereum, MakerDAO can't be circumvented anyway. This time, we invited Pan Chao, the head of MakerDAO China, to share the development history of MakerDAO's DeFi, the current MakerDAO problems, and DAO governance and other perspectives bring you a full […]

The three elements and three meanings of Jianan Technology's successful IPO

On the occasion of the bleak market, Jianan Technology (hereinafter referred to as "Jia Nan") became a rare and good news. On this listing, Jia Nan confirmed the stock code as “CAN” and issued 10 million ADSs, with a price of US$9 per share and a fundraising amount of US$90 million. On the first day […]

Bitcoin has been falling, and investment has taught you how to cross the bulls

On November 23rd, the 5th Anniversary of Bitcoin Hardcore Fan Dinner was held in Beijing. The second round table of the conference, FBG founder Zhou Shuoji, Primitive Ventures founding partner Dovey Wan, BlockVC founding partner Xu Yingkai, and the currency circle V nightcat around the theme of "Bearing the Bulls", a wonderful discussion . FBG […]

Ciphered currency supported by Ethereum: Dai is trying to change the rules of the stable currency game

Abstract: Dai is actually a kind of asset-backed stable currency on the chain, and is also gaining some momentum in the real society. In the traditional market, some bonds are backed by the US dollar, and some other assets are supported by gold. But “stable assets” Dai has nothing to do with any major asset […]

Focus interview: set up a scam by the name of “blockchain”! Chaos is so worrying

Source: Public interest CCTV focus interview In the recent period, there is a word that is special fire: blockchain. But many people know everything, but they don't understand one question. Simply put: this technology is a new way of data management based on cryptography. Blockchain technology has broad application prospects because of its advantages of […]

Ethereum 2.0: How to transform into the "supercomputer of the world"

As early as 2013, Bitcoin programmers and Bitcoin magazine publisher Vitalik Buterin released the Ethereum white paper to apply blockchain technology beyond the payment field. Ethereum is a “universal blockchain”. Like many other blockchains, it is open source, open, and has its own token: Ethylene (ETH). The generic blockchain means there is a decentralized platform […]

Xinhua News Agency: Some people deserve to be vigilant in the name of blockchain

Article source: Xinhua News Agency Reporter: Mao Zhenhua, Wang Yang, Pan Wei From behind the scenes to the stage, behind the blockchain technology, another "feast" is undercurrent. Hype the digital currency "cutting the leek", issuing "valueless currency" worthless, and using the blockchain banner to spread the scams… By the name of the blockchain, the swindling […]

Ethereum 2.0 VS Polkadot, choose Vitalik or Gavin wood?

Foreword: In the first quarter of 2020, the popular public chain project Polkadot will be launched on its main network, and the leader of the public chain, Ethereum, will also welcome its 2.0 platform phase 0 during the same period. Behind the leaders Gavin Wood and Vitalik Buterin, this pair of good friends who have […]