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Blockchain recruitment status: average salary of 16317 yuan, Shenzhen leading talent demand

The blockchain is once again in the air, and the process of technology from concept to landing requires talents to interspers. Zhilian recruits this time with the “blockchain” as the core clue, integrates online recruitment and job search big data, and explores the blockchain in the talent market. The status quo and problems of talent […]

Blockchain games out of bugs, hard forks to protect user rights?

Guide: On October 14th, Cheeze Wizards was on the Ethereum main online line. In less than 24 hours, the player @samczsun told the official that there is a serious bug in the game contract, and using this bug can be invincible. Cheeze Wizards then decided to use a forked solution to protect the user's rights. […]

Will Grin and Beam be forked, and will the privacy currency be fired again?

Abstract: The price of the currency that has soared has been repeated many times. On the eve of the hard fork, Grin and Beam are also "not moving", and the price of the currency has fallen by more than 15%… At the beginning of this year, the privacy concept coins Grin and Beam will be […]

Anonymous coin Grin will smile in July to meet the first hard fork upgrade

According to Coindesk's June 6 report, Grin's developers have reached a consensus on the hard-forked block of the cryptocurrency network and the expected activation date, which is the first systematic upgrade of the cryptocurrency network in history. cross). (Source: coindesk ) Quinin Le Sceller, a software developer at Grin's core developer and blockchain startup BlockCypher, […]