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The final is coming, Bitfinex responds to the allegations in detail, the last fight before the hearing

The battle between the New York Attorney General's Office (NYAG) and Bitfinex and Tether has entered a period of intense heat. In early July, the Office of the Attorney General of New York (NYAG) issued a report on the illegal issuance of securities by Bitfinex and Tether. As a result, Bitfinex, Tether and its affiliates […]

Libra VS US Congress New Currency War

Although Libra officials have never stepped into the US Congress before, its name has been mentioned here numerous times in the past week. Today, the two sides formally confronted each other. At 10 am on July 16th, at 18 o'clock in the Libra white paper, Libra head David Marcus was invited to the Capitol Hill […]

Libra hearings are full of gunpowder: it is difficult for regulators to trust Facebook

Today, after Zuckerberg was “rounded up” by US lawmakers on the data abuse problem exposed by Facebook and Cambridge Analytica, Facebook was “called” today. This time, Libra digital currency and data privacy issues became the subject of the hearing. On June 18th, as Facebook released the Libra white paper, the most heavyweight players in the […]

Hearing Prospects | Bullying Congress White, not saying how to make a profit, what are the loopholes in Libra's congressional testimony?

David Marcus, head of Facebook blockchain subsidiary Calibra, has prepared testimony for tomorrow and the day after tomorrow's congressional hearings. One of the messages is worthy of attention because he explained that the Libra Association will be regulated by the Swiss government because Switzerland is the Libra Association headquarters. location. However, the Libra Association and […]

Comment: The hearing is imminent, why is the United States jealous of Libra?

The two hearings for Libra will be held in the United States, and the results will be smaller, which will affect the market trend of the digital money market in the next period of time; to the point that it will even decide the world's financial and future in the coming decades. Currency system. As […]

What will be the martyrdom of David Marcus at the upcoming two Libra hearings?

For Facebook's Libra cryptocurrency, last week was a long and exhausting week, as most celebrities end up standing against the upcoming cryptocurrency assets. Just last week, the Libra virtual currency, backed by social giant Facebook, was criticized by Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell, and soon after, US President Donald Trump also posted on Twitter about […]

Read the question that Libra, Facebook will face, will face problems at the US FSC hearing on Wednesday.

Chains on Finance, when inquiring about the pre-session documents, learned that the conference focused on the definition of Libra's nature, the impact of cryptocurrency sales on consumer protection, privacy data protection issues and the emergence of Libra's systemic risks to the entire US financial system. Which of these four important topics. On July 17, 2019, […]

Libra Senate and the House hearings preview: the situation in the Senate is acceptable, the House of Representatives is more dangerous

Libra’s Senate hearing and the House hearing were held soon. Through detailed combing, the value of the carbon chain found that the reasons for Libra's parliamentarians were similar (supporting innovation), while the parliamentarians opposed to the Libra project had their own reasons. The reasons for opposition include not only concerns about privacy, concerns about the […]

Facebook Libra Supervisor: Users don't have to trust us, they will attend the hearing this month.

In an article, David Marcus, head of the blockchain chain and encryption project at Facebook, social media giant Facebook, responded to questions and concerns from Libra over the past two weeks. Indicates that Libra users do not have to trust Facebook. He confirmed that he will testify on this project in the hearings of the […]