Articles of Hedged Assets

Research Report: Can Bitcoin Be a Safe-Haven Asset?

Source: Digital Asset Research Author: Greg Cipolaro; Lucas Nuzzi Overview The debate over whether Bitcoin is a "risky" or "hedged" asset has never stopped in the past few years. In other words, does Bitcoin perform better when investors in traditional markets are scared and seek protection of safe-haven assets such as U.S. Treasuries; or whether […]

Where will the safe-haven funds go after Black Monday?

Source: Finance and Economics · Chain Finance Author: Ren Qing Guide: Crude oil plummeted 30%, U.S. stocks triggered a second meltdown in history, gold broke $ 1,700, 10-year U.S. Treasury yield fell below 0.4% and hit a record low again. After "Black Monday", where did the safe-haven funds go? ? Can Bitcoin Become a New […]

The tragic world under the epidemic, who is the next safe haven myth?

"The global stock market crash of March 9, 2020 gave Wikipedia another entry: Black Monday (2020) "   A few weeks ago, I had a negative view of the stock market and bitcoin under the influence of the epidemic, and wrote this article: At the end of the article, I also quoted DeFiner CEO […]

Perspective | Why isn't Bitcoin a safe-haven asset?

Source: Carbon chain value Editor: Carbon Chain Value Editorial Department Is Bitcoin known as "digital gold" in the circle a safe-haven asset? Can we rely on Bitcoin to hedge the risks brought about by the global financial crisis? This is a topic that many people are concerned about recently. The value of the carbon chain […]

Bitcoin has fallen by 16% in two days, and the myth of hedging has been shattered?

Source: a chain of blocks: ratchet Pisa In March 2020, the currency market shook: Bitcoin encountered a "Black Monday", and within two days, the price of the currency dropped by 16%. The global capital market is down, PlusToken hits the market to cash out … Many people are starting to look for reasons for the […]

Quantitative fund companies: Bitcoin is also more susceptible to "market panic" than other assets

Quantitative cryptocurrency fund company Strix Leviathan believes that Bitcoin cannot be used as a tool to hedge against economic instability, and that Bitcoin is as vulnerable to "market panic" as other assets. In light of an unprecedented stock market sell-off last week, the Standard & Poor's 500 stock price index has suffered the biggest change […]

Can Bitcoin, which has an edge over gold, be a true safe haven?

According to AMBCrypto reported on February 29, as Bitcoin's downtrend expands into other markets, gold supporter Peter Schiff has begun to attack this digital asset again. Peter Schiff once again denied that Bitcoin's performance as a "safe-haven asset" and "value-storage means" is superior to gold, and his comments have become the focus of public attention. […]

Price moves against gold: is Bitcoin still a safe-haven asset?

Source: Carbon Chain Value (ID: cc-value) Author: River fish, Alice In recent weeks, gold has maintained a rising momentum and has continued to rise. Proponents of gold believe that reality has time and again proven the reliability of gold as a safe-haven asset, so if you really want to hedge, you should choose gold instead […]

Iran attacks U.S. military bases on safe-haven assets

Earlier this morning, at least nine rockets struck Ain al-Asad Air Force Base in Anbar Governorate in western Iraq, an air force base near the Syrian border with U.S. forces. According to several Iranian media sources, the Islamic Revolutionary Guards confirmed the attack on the US Assad Air Base in Iraq with dozens of missiles. […]

US-Israel conflict bitcoin gets attention again, "hedging" will become the main theme of the bull market?

Unexpectedly, after bitcoin was suppressed for a period of time, a US-Iraq conflict directly ignited the first fire of halving the market in 2020. Affected by the US-Iran conflict, international crude oil and gold futures rose sharply. Bitcoin also rebounded from around $ 6,800 on January 3, hitting a maximum of $ 8,000, and in […]