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Perspective | Hong Kong keeps the currency and chain chains from decoupling, but working together

Source of this article: Sina Finance , original title "Shu Shi: Some Thoughts on China's Development of Digital Currency and Blockchain" Author: Shu when (Hong Kong financial market experts, "dominating the global hedge fund managers to invest the China Road" author) Blockchain and digital currency were originally two grasshoppers on a rope, but now they […]

Hong Kong and Abu Dhabi amend cryptocurrency regulations in conjunction with Financial Action Task Force

Source of this article: Cointelegraph Chinese Author: Samuel Haig Compilation: Ringor On February 26, Hong Kong Financial Secretary Chen Maobo said that the Hong Kong government would strengthen anti-money laundering (AML) and counter-terrorism financing (CTF) policies related to cryptocurrencies. Chen Maobo said in his recent budget speech that the amendment will be carried out under […]

Hong Kong wants to increase cryptocurrency laundering supervision, the world will act in concert to impact the value of cryptocurrency "black market circulation"

Translation 丨 Interlink Pulse · Yaqi In the news on February 27, Hong Kong Financial Secretary Chen Maobo said in his annual budget speech on Wednesday that Hong Kong may soon strengthen supervision of the cryptocurrency field to better comply with international anti-money laundering regulations. Chen Maobo disclosed that "detailed recommendations" will come later this […]

Hong Kong Monetary Authority: Eight virtual banking licenses have been issued, Hong Kong's first virtual bank is expected to open for trial by the end of the year

Author: Reporter Luo Shu Yi in Beijing Source: Economic Reference Recently, Yu Weiwen, the new president of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (hereinafter referred to as the "Hong Kong Monetary Authority") said in an interview with reporters that the Hong Kong Monetary Authority has issued eight virtual banking licenses, and Hong Kong's first virtual bank […]

Visiting Hong Kong Financial Technology Week, the head of Hong Kong's financial supervision looks at the blockchain like this

The Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) and Invest Hong Kong co-organised the 2019 Hong Kong Financial Technology Week. The five-day event (November 4, 2019 – November 8, 2019) attracted thousands of participants from all over the world. PANews participated in the conference as an official cooperation media. In the area of ​​blockchain, the heads of […]

What does the Hong Kong Securities Regulatory Commission say about the regulatory guidelines for digital asset trading platforms? (with full text)

Author: Sister shallot Source: Shallot blockchain At noon yesterday (November 6), Beijing time, the source disclosed to the media that the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission of China intends to issue details of the application for the virtual asset exchange, which issued the first token issue in September 2017. The statement, issued in March […]

The blockchain business of the fire coin and the OK port company began to take shape, and the forward holding group involved in the debt lending business.

The Coin Group and the OK Group, which belong to the digital currency trading platform, have won Hong Kong shell stocks since 2018. Nowadays, the two Hong Kong stocks have been released, and the net profit has turned from profit to loss. The group's related business has also begun to appear in Hong Kong stock […]

Hong Kong's anti-acquisition of the New Deal to introduce blockchain enterprises to reinvigorate the road

The consultation summary on the backdoor listing and other shell stock activities released in Hong Kong is likely to interrupt the backdoor of OK and fire coins. On July 26, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange issued a heavy regulatory document, “Consultation Summary on Backdoor Listings and Other Shell Stock Activities”, which mentioned that the listing […]

Read the text of Hong Kong's digital currency regulation

Text | Niu Niu Editor | Tong Source | PANews Recently, according to the Hong Kong media The Standard report, Wei Jianxin, executive director of the law enforcement department of the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (SFC), said that SFC is focusing on ICO (initial coin offering), trading and sales of cryptocurrency. Fraud in […]

Research | Hong Kong is aligning STO compliance

Summary: The Hong Kong International Finance Centre is gradually incorporating STO into regulatory compliance. This article will interpret the latest relevant regulations on STO by tracing the compliance process of digital assets in Hong Kong.