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General Trusteeship Research: Security Guardian of the Billion Pass

Source: Tongxuntong Research Institute × FENBUSHI DIGITAL Text: Song Shuangjie, CFA; Cheng Dongfeng Special Adviser: Shen Bo; Rin Guide       At present, the encryption industry is at an early stage, the exchanges are stolen, the private key of the certificate assets is lost, and the project side runs, and so on. The traditional […]

Perspectives | The impact of digital assets on the global hosting market

This paper introduces the content of the digital hosting era from four aspects: the origin of the hosting service, the operating principle, the impact of digital asset custody on the global hosting market, and the uncertainty of platform supervision. For a long time, the digital asset field has been unable to provide institutional-level encryption asset […]

On the importance of trusteeship, any exchange may issue 15% of assets, but you can’t find it.

On August 1st, at the "Hosting Alliance Global Bank – Beijing Station" event hosted by BC Group, TokenInsight and Force Agreement, Xu Chao, co-founder of the Force Agreement, shared it. He detailed the hosting needs of the miners, Token Fund, and exchanges. And said that in the traditional securities market, asset management and transaction matching […]

Who is paving the way for big institutions? Scan the ecological landscape of the asset escrow industry

The traditional large institutions are looking forward to waiting for the opportunity to enter the world of encryption. The custody business, which is an important asset security foundation in the door, is the first to be busy and paving the way for it. Recently, The Block reported that Coinbase is planning to acquire Xapo for […]

Focus on KeyShard PlatON algorithm scientist Xie Xiang live premiere

In the face of the increasingly severe digital hosting security situation, PlatON released the world's first digital asset custody service based on secure multi-party computing (MPC) technology – KeyShard, which has received wide attention from all walks of life. On April 18th, Dr. Xie Xiang, a scientist of PlatON, was invited to be a guest […]