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In a year, 27 items of landing applications were disclosed. The IBM blockchain is only for nurturing cloud services?

Text: Interchain Pulse · Black Pearl Recently, IBM's blockchain business has been active. On February 3, IBM said it was conducting feasibility tests with international food regulators. At the same time, IBM also introduced a distributed ledger solution for contract workers, which claims to automate many of the more burdensome payment processing tasks. The next […]

Food producers actively embrace blockchain technology, IBM food traceability blockchain platform adds new members

According to Cointelegraph reported on February 7, IBM Food Trust, the food traceability blockchain platform of IBM, has added new ones. A French food manufacturer has joined the platform to seek to improve product traceability and supply chain transparency. Image source: visualhunt According to a press release issued on February 4, the Avril Group, a […]

Former JPMorgan Chase R & D: Why isn't the IBM blockchain real blockchain?

Author: Stuart Popejoy Translation: Yue Wei Source: Blockchain Outpost Introduction: In 2016, the blockchain projects on the market were technically insufficient to support enterprise applications. It is a pity that the problems at the time are still present on today's Hyperledger Fabric and are core issues. IBM is an important player in the field of […]

IBM's qubit computer "Raleigh" implements 32 quantum volumes. Will it pose a threat to Bitcoin security?

IBM doubled the capabilities of its quantum computer, but Bitcoin's encryption technology is still far from being cracked. At yesterday's International Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2020), the company announced that its 28-bit qubit computer "Raleigh" has achieved 32 Quantum Volume. Image source: pixabay In short, quantum volume is a measure of the complexity of a […]

IBM and Maersk Blockchain platform TradeLens add another member-Vietnam Gaimei International Terminal

According to Cointelegraph, on December 19, the Gai International Terminal (CMIT) in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam announced that it has joined TradeLens, a blockchain platform launched by IBM and Maersk. (Source: Pixabay ) As one of the largest terminals in the deep-water port group of Gemebuk, CMIT directly connects Vietnam to Europe, North America […]

Eliminate the use of child labor! Volvo uses blockchain to track the whole process of cobalt production in electric vehicle battery

According to Cointelegraph, on November 6, automaker Volvo announced that it will rely on blockchain technology to ensure reliable sources of cobalt in lithium batteries. It is reported that Volvo released the first all-electric vehicle XC40 Recharge last month. (Source: Pixabay ) "Transparent and reliable data sharing network" Volvo Cars has reached an agreement with […]

Opinion: Why is IBM's blockchain not a true blockchain?

Translation: First Class (First.VIP)_Maggie Source: first class warehouse The original author, Stuart Popejoy, has 15 years of experience in establishing a trading system for the financial industry. Prior to co-founding Kadena and becoming president of the company in 2016, Stuart worked in the new product division of JP Morgan Chase, leading and developing Juno's main […]

Harvesting 30% of the market share, IBM's enterprise-level blockchain strategy is still questioned?

Text / a source / Muggle pie Centennial IBM is the real hegemon of the computer industry. In the 1930s, with the sales of card counting machines, IBM accumulated a lot of financial resources, and then sharply grasped the hardware ports of transistor computers, semiconductor integrated circuits, large computers, etc., IBM became a world-class "blue […]

Wal-Mart and IBM reach a partnership to track shrimp supply chain with blockchain

US retail giant Wal-Mart will work with IBM to use blockchain technology to track its shrimp supply chain. Image source: On October 4th, the Indian business publication "LiveMint" reported that Wal-Mart will use blockchain technology to track its shrimps purchased in India to select Sam's Club retail stores in the United States. According to reports, […]

Thai Customs will use IBM and Maersk's blockchain platform to streamline cargo tracking processes

According to Coindesk's August 30 report, Thailand is integrating IBM and Maersk's blockchain projects to streamline its cargo tracking process. (Source: » The Bangkok Post reported on Thursday that as part of Thailand's 4.0 policy, Thai Customs will use TradeLens, a logistics platform jointly supported by IBM and Maersk. Thailand will be the second member […]