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Billionaire, former government official and widow of Steve Jobs, Telegram investor lineup is luxurious

According to people familiar with the matter, Steve Jobs' widow, Laurene Powell Jobs, invested in Telegram's Gram Token and participated in the ICO of the Telegram Open Network (TON) project. This means that her investment is not less than $ 5 million, as this is the minimum threshold for the pre-sale fundraising stage. However, sources […]

Why is the "DAO + ICO" fundraising method proposed by Vitalik not working?

Written by: Hao Kai, Hashkey Capital Research Source: Chain News "DAICO" or "DAO + ICO" is a new fundraising method proposed by Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin during the ICO boom in January 2018. He hopes to integrate the concept of the decentralized autonomous organization DAO into the ICO fundraising In the process of capital investment, […]

French financial market regulator approves first ICO application after updating rules

In the US, the hype surrounding ICOs may have subsided, but France seems to have renewed interest. On December 17, the French financial regulator, the French Financial Markets Authority (AMF), approved the first ICO application. The application comes from French-ICO, which has developed a platform for project financing using cryptocurrencies. The company was the first […]

China Mutual Fund Association: Tips on Preventing Risks of ICO and "Virtual Currency" Trading Activities in the Name of Blockchain

Source: China Mutual Fund Association On December 13th, the China Mutual Fund Association released the "Reminder on Preventing Risks of ICO and" Virtual Currency "Trading Activities in the Name of Blockchain". The full text is as follows: According to the monitoring by the financial supervision department and the China Internet Finance Association, some criminals have […]

Suspected fraud or trading volume is zero? Inventory the reasons why the year's encryption project disappeared

As Halloween approaches, exploring the cemetery of the cryptocurrency industry seems to be an opportune time. Even in such a young industry as encryption, many projects have disappeared, and sites like Coinopsy and DeadCoins have also provided autopsy reports from netizens. For fun, we did some mining of Coinopsy's data and learned more about the […]

ICO will disappear completely in 2020

As we all know, the good days of the 2017 bull market are far away from us. At that time, it seems that anyone can rely on a white paper to raise tens of millions of dollars with their tokens in a round of ICO. But even after a period of bull market, the ICO […]

Monthly report | ICO is back to life? September cryptocurrency financing increased by 33 times

In September, the total financing amount of cryptocurrency reached 383 million US dollars, an increase of 347.87% from the previous month. Among them, ICO financing is “returning to life”. With the data of 378 million US dollars of financing, it occupied the dominant position of total financing data in September and increased by 3174.89% compared […]

The SEC is sticking to the currency circle, and since August it has accused the highest penalty of 10 million US dollars.

With Facebook's Libra turned out, regulators such as the Securities and Exchange Commission in the United States seem to be paying more attention to cryptocurrencies, not only frequent hearings, but also accusations and fines. On September 24th, in response to cryptocurrencies and Libra's regulatory issues, the US Congress held a hearing on the theme "SEC […]

Indicted by the SEC, Kik CEO suspected of collapse and drunk: "I don't want to go to jail"

According to CoinDesk, there is news that Kik CEO Ted Livingston may be about to withdraw from his social information startup Kik, which was founded in 2009. It has been reported that the application is about to close. Livingston suspected that he was in a drunken situation and said he planned to leave the project […]

Demystifying the airdrop ecology of “nothing to be born”: Some people bought a house, and some people got nothing.

In the blockchain space, startups typically don't discover gold for employees, but offer airdrops or bonuses to fans who want to earn a few dollars through the program. By hiring a large number of reviewers, professionally making emoticons, and forwarding Twitter people and video bloggers to promote the network, startups have created a lively situation […]