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South Korea's NH Bank and SK Telecom launch blockchain “mobile employee ID”, decentralized ID has become the general trend

According to JoongAng Ilbo, yesterday, the NH Bank of Korea launched a "mobile employee ID" based on blockchain technology. The report states that this is the first commercial application of distributed identity technology developed by the "Initial DID Association." Source: Pixabay The association is a decentralized identity alliance led by the Ministry of Science and […]

Technical Perspectives | Information Value and Identity System in the Blockchain World

01 The value of information You may have thought about such a question: What is the core of the blockchain network? Figure | Network It may be understood as: the assumption of the behavior of the node. The nodes follow the assumption of the consensus algorithm , the evil nodes are found and punished, and […]

Fujitsu: Introducing blockchain-based identity authentication services to enhance the credibility of online trading parties

According to a statement issued by Fujitsu on July 4th, Fujitsu Laboratories, a Japanese technology research company, developed a blockchain-based evaluation of user credentials, identity and credibility in online transactions. Degree solution. Image source: fujitsu official website According to reports, the solution will rank users stored in the blockchain and give each user a “trustworthiness […]

Digital identity: Devil's Gate, Pass and Holy Grail

The identity issue is an important issue that hinders the development of the encryption world. The digital identity based on the blockchain is called the holy grail of the encrypted world, and the passport of the block world has a huge market space. It has been tried by hundreds of companies. At the same time, […]

Popular Science | A Probe into the Trusted Identity Model

Editor's Note: This article is an article about identity systems for Jim McDonald. In this article, he introduces the different roles and different identity system solutions in the identity system from the shallower to the deeper, step by step to a more ideal solution. Although this is still not the ultimate solution, it is at […]

Understand the decentralized identity: Where is the bottleneck? Which solution is right?

Everyone who works on cryptography is imagining that each of us has an embedded private key chip in our brain, so that we can determine our identity at any time without worrying about identity being stolen or deceived. Unfortunately, we are not living in such a cytop punk utopia, but in a broken system where […]

How does the enterprise blockchain + identity design design an identity model for the licensing chain?

Adopting license chain technology in the enterprise is a challenging road. Fundamentally, the so-called Web3 stack based on distributed ledgers is not mature for implementing complex enterprise business processes. In the missing building blocks of the enterprise blockchain platform, identity is a top priority as a ubiquitous challenge for next-generation enterprise solutions. This article explores […]

How does Securities Pass + Identity 设计 design an identity agreement for Securities Pass?

This article is the second article to explore the concept of identity function in securities pass. In the first article , we explored some basic identity guidelines and extended them to the world of encrypted securities. In this article, the author wants to focus on a technical model that combines some of the criteria with […]

What are the characteristics of the common identity in the securities pass and identity securities?

Identity is a key factor in distinguishing between securities passes and other blockchain agreements. In the current generation of securities pass platforms, identity is restricted to the use of "whitelists." Although whitelists implement identity-based functionality, they do not represent identity itself. With the development of the securities pass industry, identity should be developed as an […]