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Babbit Column | Malaysia IEO Regulatory Reviews

Author's note : Malaysia ’s IEO guidelines may be the world ’s first compulsory legal norms for IEOs , and they have regulatory features (proactive and prudent, a combination of principles and rules, the introduction of third-party supervision, two-tier supervision, and focus on ex-ante and in-process supervision) . Although the market heat of IEO (Initial […]

Malaysia: Regulators publish IEO regulatory guidelines to take effect later in 2020

Text: Andrew Calderaro Compile: Damian Source: Cointelegraph Chinese Editor's note: The original title was "Malaysian Regulators Issued IEO Regulatory Guidelines" After the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) issued an investor alert on the First Trading Platform Issuance (IEO), Malaysian regulators issued regulatory guidelines requiring the country's token issuance to be reviewed by the trading […]

SEC: IEO may be unregistered securities, the relevant exchange may need to apply for a stock exchange

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has a useful piece of advice for cryptocurrency projects: To make your token sales more secure, you need to do more than just change a letter. The SEC today urged cryptocurrency investors to "walk cautiously" before putting money into the IEO. It points out that online trading platforms […]

Monthly Report | Cryptocurrency Financing in November: STO and IEO with stagnation of ICO

Text: Interchain Pulse · King Go Source: Interchain Pulse In November, the financing amount of IEO and STO was zero again. This is the fourth time that the STO's financing amount in the year is zero, and it is the second time that the IEO's financing amount is zero. Interchain Pulse According to statistics from […]

Suggested that the SEC "cut off" IPO underwriters, the NYSE also played IEO?

Wen | Wang Ye Production | Odaily Planet Daily "Isn't this the IEO of the currency circle?" On November 26th, Eastern time, the New York Stock Exchange (hereinafter referred to as the "NYSE") submitted an application document to the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), and proposed to modify the relevant regulations on direct […]

SpaceX also engages in IEO? Musk is forced

A suspicious cryptocurrency exchange, LAToken, is currently conducting an IEO, allegedly initiated by Elon Musk for SpaceX. Although this may be the dream of many tech fans, after careful study, it will be found to be fake. Yesterday, Cointelligence CEO On Yavin unveiled this unpleasant IEO on Twitter. On LAToken's IEO Launchpad, the related page […]

The bullish investment logic of the cottage currency: Why should we choose "digital gold" and "coin ring Moutai"?

If we believe that there will be a big bull market next, then we should hold two kinds of assets: one is bitcoin, and the other is mainstream platform coins like HT and BNB. If you are a risk-seeking investor who wants to fight, you can buy some altcoins. Is it a bull market now? […]

How terrible is the IEO? 62% of 87 projects broke, with a maximum loss of 99%

87 IEO projects, raising more than 2 billion, 62% broken "Bitcoin is about to plummet to $5,000." "Cryptographic currency is a scam." With the collapse of Bitcoin at the end of September, there has been such an argument. It is difficult to predict whether Bitcoin will fall to $5,000, but what investors say is that […]

Analysis | Differences in the four financing models of blockchain

The emergence of blockchain technology not only injects vitality into a new financial asset, but also provides a new business model for start-ups, and more and more new projects are trying to use cryptocurrency to finance. IPO is a widely recognized form of traditional external financing. Unlike IPOs, STO, IEO, and ICO are early stage […]

Pushing the IEO platform and expanding the scale of the currency, why is the conservative Coinbase “flying itself”?

At the end of the IEO, Coinbase, the largest cryptocurrency trading platform in the United States, has heard the news of the upcoming IEO platform. No one knows what Moinbase's motives are, but it is obvious that the cryptocurrency exchange, which has always been known as "conservative," is undergoing a visible change, or is "flying […]