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On the currency fee, circulation fee, market-making fee, a failed IEO project also costs so much money.

We all know that IEO is very bad. Just last week, research firm Longhash found that this short-lived financing mechanism—hundreds of password start-ups to sell on tokens through exchanges—has brought a negative 80% return to thousands of investors involved. rate. However, very few people know how much these losses have caused the company that issued […]

IEO’s embarrassment, the era of “receiving wages” may be gone forever.

"Oh… the market is in a downturn. Recently, the standard of living has plummeted." The soldiers sighed. "Who said it is not! I have not been afraid to buy a bag recently, I can bite my teeth to buy a LV in the last few months, and I only dare to look at MK recently." […]

Industry Watch | Where is the future of blockchain, the opportunities and challenges of the US Securities Regulatory Commission's STO opening

Welcome attention: Digit Insight, we will continue to export high-quality industry research reports. On July 11, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) approved Blockchain, a blockchain company, to sell $28 million worth of tokens under Reg A+ rules. This is the first token issue approved in the history of the SEC, marking the SEC […]

Viewpoint | IEO is moving towards death, and the blockchain financing model is imminent!

Unknowingly, the once popular IEO is cooling rapidly. Looking back at the cryptocurrency bull market in 2017, we can think that ICO has boosted the outbreak of speculative tides, and the shortcomings of this financing structure are also obvious, which is easily abused by scammers, and even “cracked up”. Imagine that the project party spent […]

The undead black swan: from ICO to IEO

If you want to discuss the biggest hot spot in the currency this year, many people will say that it is IEO. The currency restarted Launchpad, which caused a huge reaction in the market and even pushed Bitcoin from a bear market to a bull market. There are many kinds of sounds on the market […]

Ieo, which used to be ten times easier, is there anyone else involved?

At the beginning of the new year, the coin opened the curtain of the IEO "issuing the first exchange" stage, which shaped the myth of BTT. The IEO is like a charity in the snow, giving hope to the hopeless exchanges and hungry leek in the bear market. At that time, the parties had different […]

After the IEO was broken, IDO came.

We all know what ICO and IEO are, then IDO (initial DEX offerings)? Today, a blockchain and AI startup called Raven Protocol, a "completely decentralized" network, hopes to "make the power of AI and ML (machine language) transition from large companies like Amazon, Facebook and Google. In the hands of the community – the company […]

IEO financing is another investment scam? Bitcoin is a playground for criminals?

The voices of doubt about BTC and cryptocurrencies have never been reduced, whether they are from spokespersons of some relevant law enforcement agencies, or from some members of the cryptocurrency community that attack each other in order to maintain their respective camps, or from those who Ordinary people who are involved but who are particularly […]

Starting to decentralize the game platform: Is it a good day to break the monopoly?

On May 31 , Xiao Xiao invited the founding partner of Xingyao Capital, Liu Jiang, founder of Xingheng Education, Chen Liang, investment partner of Xingyao Capital, and technical expert of blockchain , and the head of HKDT market, sunshine, to be a guest at ChainNode . The game asset blockchain can really solve the problem […]

What is the solution to the blockchain incremental market dilemma?

Since the second half of 2017, with the rise of the currency price, the blockchain, the fashionable financial technology concept, has begun to attract more attention. On January 8, 2018, the market value of the entire cryptocurrency was $813.9 billion, and the RMB was nearly 6 trillion yuan. It is the highlight moment of the […]