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Private placement is smooth, opening is deserted, why is LEO not as expected?

Summary review: Bitfinex is a well-known and established exchange, with considerable profitability and private placements progressing smoothly. However, there has not been a situation in which the opening of the IEO project has increased several times. What are the reasons?

April cryptocurrency financing monthly report: IEO replaced ICO as the main mode but the total amount still dropped by 70%

Author: According to the inter-chain pulse issued on April 3rd, "ICO monthly report (probably the last issue): financing amount of only $15 million", we judge that the ICO financing model has almost come to an end, so from May Initially, the interchain pulse expanded the financing statistics for encrypted assets to include IEO and STO. […]

One hand Yangou IEO, Bitfinex LEO is not worth buying

In the face of the "American underworld behavior" of the spoiled rogue, this time, Bitfinex is ready to use IEO to solve this urgent need. In fact, before the May 1 holiday, there was already news that Bitfinex was preparing for IEO. During this period, in the face of the savvy but popular Bigfinex, there […]

Cai Kailong: Without IEO, the currency circle should have a rebound.

We know that the currency trading was born out of IPO (IPO) and experienced ICO (first coin issue), IFO (first fork release) and IMO (mine machine-based token issue)… In order to attract more investors to embrace themselves, major trading platforms are also trying to play with new tricks. After the currency IOE restarted the ICO, […]

What is the revelation of IEO?

As Gate's third IEO project opened lower, I posted a message on social media. The general meaning is that the IEO boom can basically be announced. Let's talk about where the inner logic is, why is the IEO wind? Hurrying past, some people even have no solution at all. Compared with ICO, IEO has improved […]

Exchange 5 hotspot tracking: The relationship between platform currency and IEO is like stocks and futures

On April 26th, an online conversation on the theme of “Exchange Hotspot Tracking” was held on TokenClub. The two guests in the dialogue were: Cao Huining: Founder and CEO of Usechain; Professor of Finance and Director of Finance at Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business; formerly taught at Berkeley, California; Ph.D. from the University of […]

Research | IEO is accelerating to the stage of exhaustion?

2017 was the first year of a prosperous “ICO” market boom, and in the year the world discovered new ways to raise funds. However, with the gradual decline in the total market value of digital currency in 2018, the market has gradually fallen into a downturn. By 2019, the world's first exchange issued "IEO" broke […]

IEO's first suspected runway project appeared: the price of the currency was close to zero, and the early transaction record was emptied.

In 2019, the hottest keyword in the currency market was IEO. In less than four months, from the currency security, fire coins, OKEx, and many small and medium-sized exchanges, IEO has become the standard in the exchange industry. 20 seconds to grab the light, 10 times skyrocketing… Behind these well-packaged "wealth myths", more IEO projects […]

Bibox and SKR staged the coin ring, and the IEO gambling nature became more intense.

At 8 am on the 22nd, two hours before the start of the first Star Project (IEO) on the Bibox Exchange, Bibox official website issued an announcement stating that it would eliminate the Staking (SKR) project. This sudden change made the market quite shocked. More exciting is that the media subsequently announced the Staking Foundation's […]

The impact of IEO on the encryption market and the Token model

Recently, IEO still occupies a hot topic in the encryption market. For those who don’t like to chase hot spots, they must also notice this phenomenon. So what impact does IEO have on the current encryption market and the Token model? Can the depressed encryption market return to the bull market? Derek Hsue of Blockchain […]