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The second phase of the fire coin Prime project led the disputed person to claim that two exchanges were “strong”

Huobi Prime's second phase project started with a long-awaited call, and was fixed as Newton Project. The insider literally translated the project into "Newton". This year's project around the "community economy" was placed in the spotlight for a moment. Last time, most people knew about Newton, or because they also came to the cloud rights. […]

Babbitt Column | Deng Jianpeng: Rethinking the Risk Prevention of IEO/ICO Investment

(For more details, see Deng Jianpeng, Sun Penglei: “Intermediary Chain Supervision and Compliance Response”, Mechanical Industry Press, 2019) I. The basic mode of IEO ∕ ICO Since the beginning of 2019, more than a year of the currency circle bear market has suddenly set off a wave of IEO mode. The so-called IEO is similar […]

How long can the IEO still fire? Is it honey or poison?

The IEO will make the platform coins profitable, but will not let the bull market look back. The recent emergence of the first exchange (IEO) has become a new phenomenon-level hotspot in the cryptocurrency market, attracting the interest of token issuers and investors, and at the same time attracting a comprehensive review. The IEO is […]

Babbitt Column | Virtual Currency Classification and IEO Investor Protection

(For more details, see Deng Jianpeng, Sun Penglei: “Intermediary Chain Supervision and Compliance Response”, Mechanical Industry Press, 2019) From ICO to STO, from the STO to the "IEO" that has been on fire since February 2019, the rapid changes in the various "business models" of the currency circle have stimulated the nerves of potential investors […]

IEO disillusionment: Who is destroying the market?

In fact, since the IEO fire broke out, I didn't pay much attention to this thing, because I didn't have any time to go everywhere to grab the amount (of course, I don't think I can grab it), so I have three information about IEO. In addition to the exchange's projects and progress, I don't […]

IEO re-burns the ring of rich dreams, how long can the dozens of income myths go?

There is no doubt that IEO is the hottest word in the currency. Since January 3 this year, the company announced the restart of Launchpad. In just three months, IEO has not only accumulated amazing wealth, but also pulled the currency circle from the low tide on its own. The players in the currency circle […]

Number reading | The paradox behind the 109 reports The truth is that IEO is an antidote or a poison?

After several months of fermentation, the IEO boom continues, and there is even a wave of higher waves. Yesterday (April 2) OKEx's utility token sales platform OK Jumpstart announced the purchase rules. Today (April 3), the Firecoin Global Station Prime platform upgrades the second phase of the snapping rule, and the fourth project of the […]

Opinion: The non-exchange channel of the currency circle is essentially a brokerage and investment bank.

Foreword: Recently, IEO has entered the public eye, and the IEO project has become more popular. In essence, IEO is outside the List (on the currency) of the exchange, and is also responsible for underwriting. Through the IEO, the Exchange actually made a role of the first (level 1) (second level), directly responsible for the […]

OK IEO's starting project has talked with Xu Mingxing? Why did Jay feel "really hard!"

On April 1, OKex announced that the first phase of the upcoming project will be Blockcloud and announced the sales rules for OK Jumpstart. OKex CEO Jay then released an open letter saying that "the decision to launch Jumpstart is really difficult" and stated that "doing the best." From Jay's open letter, you can see […]

OKEx CEO Jay Open Letter: The decision to launch Jumpstart is really tough

Yesterday, the dust settled. The participation rules of our Utility Token sales platform OK Jumpstart were officially announced. The market is forcing us to make decisions In the past two months, many friends in the industry have been asking us about our attitude towards IEO. Through various channels, we have pushed all kinds of projects […]