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Perspectives | MOV-Cracking the Impossible Triangle of Trading

Author: eighty thousand Martian 1 Introduction The Steem incident is still fermenting. As the exchange misappropriates user assets to vote, and thus controls the community, centralized trading faces an unprecedented crisis of trust. If EOS is controlled by the exchange and still holds half of the pipa, then this Steem incident It is nakedly controlled […]

The price broke 76%, and Algorand was questioned as the Turing Award level.

Algorand, the blockchain project initiated by Turing Award winner Silvio Micali, claims to solve the impossible triangle problem of the blockchain. However, before being proved to solve the impossible triangle problem of the blockchain, Algorand was deeply mired in public opinion: the private placement cost of the token was $0.05, the first round shot was […]

Breaking the blockchain impossible triangle (3) – POS and POW-DAG

In the previous article, we mainly discussed why POWs are not extensible and how to implement scalable POWs. Let’s take a look at the logic again – 1, POW is a fair computing-based random generation method, however, its effectiveness is based on time, that is, when calculating the probability of successfully dig out the block, […]

Breaking through the blockchain is impossible triangle (1) – expansion, expansion, and infinite expansion

Written in front of the words: I have been thinking for a long time, plus the changes in my recent work, this has dragged on for a long time, hesitated, decided to combine this with my own research, to write a hot topic in the field of blockchain – expansion and block Chains are impossible […]