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Wu Zhen·imToken founder He Bin: A Bitcoin DeFi Tour

On the morning of November 9, at the “D-Future: Decentralized Finance Future” sub-forum “2019 World Blockchain Conference·Wuzhen” sponsored by Babbitt, He Bin, founder of imToken, published “One Bitcoin” The theme of the DeFi Tour. He Bin said at the meeting that DeFi is based on the technology of blockchain as a security guarantee, and then […]

CEO open letter | imToken is very pure, even the egg lottery has to play purely

Babbitt Note: This article is the author of the author imToken He Bin's response to the "Bitpa Wallet questioning Tokenlon data fraud" , the content does not represent Babbitt's point of view. Linked node ChainNode original link: "imtoken Please stop the fake immediately! 》 (click to read) Author's Note: For the various pseudonyms of the […]

[AMA] Can Ethereum use DeFi to detonate the next bull market? | MakerDao & imToken

DeFi provides a financial system that anyone can access via the Internet and has become one of the most interesting topics in the blockchain field of 2019. Currently, there are approximately 275,000 ETHs per month used to promote the development of the DeFi ecosystem, and this number is expected to increase over time. In 2017, […]

Video|"8" He Bin: I want to copy myself in the digital world

He Bin, founder of imToken. Smooth development depends on "luck" In 2005, He Bin graduated from Hangzhou Normal University. At that time, the Internet tide had just started. After graduation, he has been engaged in the Internet industry, worked as a product manager, and worked as a product planner. In 2010, He Bin and his […]