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Ripple and Ethereum led the rise and the competitive currency market was reactivated?

This week, funds in the cryptocurrency market apparently shifted to mainstream currencies other than Bitcoin. For example, Ethereum (ETH), Ruibo (XPR), EOS and other currencies all showed significant increases. As of press time, The most outstanding Ripco coin rose by 17% in 24 hours. Data from What followed changed was the significant decline in […]

Can 0.28BTC be a bitcoin "big whale"? Maybe this day will come soon

Do you want to be a bitcoin "whale"? Do you want to make a splash in the cryptocurrency market? Don't worry, although the bitcoin on hand is not enough for you to become a bitcoin "whale", the number of bitcoins that can affect the market in the future may be much less than today. A […]

Financial Times: Central banks should learn to include digital payments in China instead of issuing digital currencies

The central bank does not rush to compete with companies like Facebook, Tether and WeChat or directly ban them. It is better to include digital payments in the central banking business like the People's Bank of China and focus on what they do best: management stability Sex. The Financial Times reported on Tuesday that the […]

DeFi is the future of the blockchain? See what the top international investment institutions say

Blockchain investment truly enters the public view from 2015 through the understanding and participation of many professional investment institutions. In the past five years, we have seen more and more professional organizations and professional investors join. What are their strategies for investing in blockchain? What is the expected trend of the future? On the afternoon […]

Viewpoint | Synthetic assets and values ​​on Ethereum

Ryan Sean Adams: I would like to contact you with some details to talk briefly about the synthetics on the Ethereum and how these assets affect the value of ETH. 1/ In the traditional financial industry, the scale of synthetic assets is very, very, very large. Go to this website ( ) and mix […]

Iran re-examines the details of encryption mining supervision, electricity prices rise or "capital flight"

Since the Iranian government approved encryption mining as an industrial activity in early August, details of the relevant regulatory policies on cryptocurrency mining have continued to flow. According to media reports, the Iranian Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade is about to issue a document that will pave the way for the legalization of cryptocurrency […]

The Fed may cut interest rates again on Wednesday, will the encryption market benefit?

According to CNN, the industry generally expects the Fed to cut interest rates again at the meeting that ended on Wednesday, which may have an impact on the cryptocurrency market. The report said that US President Trump continued to use Twitter to put pressure on the Fed. Last week he issued a tweet saying, "The […]

The era of bitcoin payment is coming soon? Maybe the Burger King incident is just a flash in the pan

On September 2nd, the news that "a Burger King accepted bitcoin payment" spread throughout the currency circle. At that time, because Bitcoin was “strongly supported” by the world's second-largest fast food restaurant, many users of the currency think that this event indicates that the huge influence of traditional fast food restaurants may bring hundreds of […]

The market is blooming everywhere, but the faucet is not performing well, and the vigilance is falling back at any time.

Livermore once said: "If you don't take your money out on the table, you can't test whether your judgment is correct, because you didn't really test your own emotions. I believe in controlling the market. It's human emotions, not what reasoning. Any important thing in life is this: love, marriage, educating children, war, crime… There […]

Babbitt column | Swiss regulation of stable coins and Libra

According to the author: Switzerland is not the first country to include stable currency in regulation, but it is the first country to provide clear regulatory guidance on stable currencies and the first country to impose specific regulatory requirements on Libra projects. How Switzerland views stable coins, how to supervise Libra projects, or permits reference […]