Articles of Inclusive Finance

Opinions | How does the blockchain trust mechanism promote the development of inclusive finance and help solve the financing difficulties of small, medium and micro enterprises?

Source of this article: Securities Daily, original title "Zhao Yongxin, National Outstanding Innovative Entrepreneurship Instructor, Professor of Hebei University of Finance: Blockchain Trust Mechanism Promotes Inclusive Financial Development and Helps Solve Financing Problems for Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises Reporter Xing Meng Taking advantage of the blockchain boom, support policies have been issued successively throughout […]

Long Baitao Recommendation | First Deputy Governor of the Bank of France: Financial Inclusion in the Digital Age-How to Change the Status Quo?

Text / Denis Beau (Note: The content of the body of this article is from a panel discussion by Mr. Denis Beau, First Deputy Governor of the Bank of France, on the Singapore Fintech Festival 2019 on November 13, 2019.) Translation / Long Baitao Reviews / Long Baitao Reviews The content of this speech is […]

Babbitt column | Inclusive finance and blockchain entrepreneurship opportunities in underdeveloped countries

According to incomplete statistics, at least 2 billion people in the world cannot or have restricted access to formal financial services. Written in front Financial Inclusion refers to providing many non-bank users with more choices and affordable financial services. “Digital financial technology”, including blockchains, and many solutions based on blockchain technology, let us see the […]