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Under the epidemic, the transformation and accelerated development of the blockchain industrial park

2020 is a key year for the development of China's blockchain industry. As a carrier for the development of blockchain industrial clusters, the blockchain industrial park is of great significance for promoting the scale and agglomeration of local blockchain enterprises. Challenges and opportunities coexist, how does the blockchain industrial park break the situation? On April […]

Come here and find business scenarios! Babbitt launches industrial blockchain docking platform today

What are the biggest pain points for blockchain companies? It's because you can't find a nail with a hammer-only technology, but no business scene. On April 16, the Babbitt Industrial Blockchain docking platform was officially launched. This is the first domestic industrial blockchain docking platform ( ). Service requirements, tender information, service providers and […]

Attacking thousands of daily live blockchain applications, Ant Blockchain Open Alliance Chain released first

Any large subdivision track, if there is no application that has 10 million live daily, it is difficult to be called the tuyere. The Ali Da Mo Yuan once predicted that the daily application of 10 million blockchain will enter the public. After several years of exploration, the blockchain has developed two mainstream technology routes: […]

This is the real blockchain! Tens of billions of dollars are put here, 4 industry experts bring you first-line experience

"People always overestimate the changes in the next one to two years and underestimate the changes in the next ten years." To describe the blockchain with this statement from Bill Gates is really appropriate. Blockchain uselessness and blockchain omnipotence both fail to accurately understand the uniqueness of technological change in the dimension of time. In […]

In April, China's blockchain standard construction speeds up the application of large-scale landing and adds another puzzle

Source: Interchain Pulse Author: Kim go car Recently, the construction of domestic blockchain standards has accelerated. Since April, 2 national standards for blockchain have been approved; 1 national standard for anti-counterfeiting and traceability has made clear requirements for the application of blockchain in this field; 1 "blockchain + epidemic prevention and control" provincial level The […]

Weekly dynamics of listed companies on blockchain (4.06-4.10): 11 businesses have breakthroughs and 2 research digital currencies

Article | Interchain Pulse According to the statistics of the inter-chain pulse, 11 listed companies have released the development of blockchain business this week, mainly disclosed in the annual report. Among them, listed companies mainly engaged in blockchain research account for a large proportion. Lacara and Ginza made special mention of the company's research in […]

China's blockchain and the United States officially form a "hard" fork, autonomous and controllable, and then the next city

Article | Interchain Pulse · Yuanshang "Hard" bifurcation is a term in the field of blockchain, which represents a permanent disagreement in the blockchain. It is appropriate to use this term to describe the future divergence of blockchain technology routes between China and the United States. On April 9th, the blockchain software Rivus under Xita […]

Industry Blockchain Weekly | Blockchain project selected as a typical case of the Ministry of Justice

Text / Wang Qiao Editor / Duoxiu As the first institutional media to propose industrial blockchain, Zinc Link has been actively promoting the implementation of industrial blockchain. Penetrate the industry's pain points through in-depth reports, listen to the industry's voices through sharing sessions, present the industry's general views through weekly reports, and show unique industry […]

Listed company block chain dynamics for the week: 24 companies disclose new progress and focus on financial and trade logistics

According to inter-chain pulse statistics, a total of 24 listed companies released blockchain-related dynamics this week, 20 of which were disclosed by the listed company's 2019 annual report and social responsibility report. Interchain Pulse is concerned that the blockchain business of the 20 listed companies that currently publish annual reports is mainly concentrated in the […]

JD Blockchain traceability data is disclosed for the first time! Traceable product sales increase by nearly 30%

In recent years, with the maturity of technology, the application of blockchain in the real economy has become more and more widespread. Among the many blockchain applications, anti-counterfeiting traceability is considered to be one of the most promising landing scenarios, and it is also one of the important blockchain domains competed by technology giants. This […]