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930 days, witness the blockchain speed of Xiong'an New District

Introduction: On March 31, the Xiong'an Blockchain Lab was officially unveiled, and the node of the third anniversary of the establishment of the Xiong'an New Area. The Xiong'an Blockchain Lab has a special meaning, which marks the innovative practice of the Xiong'an New Area Blockchain It has entered the stage of organization and large-scale landing, […]

7 Key construction projects in provinces and cities in 2020 involve billions of funds from the blockchain to help industrial development

Article | Mutual Chain Pulse · Gold Carriage In the first quarter of each year, local governments will develop a support list for key projects. Inter-chain pulse combing, in the first quarter of 2020, 7 provinces and cities in China have listed more than 20 blockchain projects as key industrial development projects and key investment […]

Weekly development of industrial blockchain 丨 The regional structure of China's blockchain is changing, and the Xiong'an blockchain experiment is unveiled

In terms of industrial policy, the central and western regions are paying more and more attention to the development of blockchain, and the geographical structure of China's blockchain is moving westward. In terms of industrial research, the 3rd anniversary of the Xiong'an New District, the opening ceremony of the blockchain laboratory. In terms of industrial […]

35 foreign-funded companies have patent cards on blockchain in China, with Microsoft, Oracle and Wal-Mart in the list

Article | Interchain Pulse · Yuanshang As of the end of the first quarter of 2020, a total of 35 foreign companies have applied for blockchain-related patents in China with a total number of 212 patents. Although only a fraction of the tens of thousands of domestic patent applications, most of the applicants The road […]

Industry Blockchain Weekly News 丨 Listed companies enter annual report season, blockchain becomes a key word

In terms of policy, Guangzhou released the country's first industrial policy for "new infrastructure", Hunan announced "2020 Hunan Province's Big Data and Blockchain Industry Development Key Projects", and 16 blockchain projects were shortlisted. In terms of industrial research, the "new infrastructure" enthusiasm of the blockchain to empower is unabated. In terms of applications, all the […]

The annual salary is as high as that of Goldman Sachs. The screen launches a battle to grab people. The first blockchain cloud recruitment will ignite "Golden Three Silver Four"

"Are there any legal-related positions?", "Are there any recruiting operations?", "Are there recruiting markets?", "Are they recruiting customer service?", "Are you developing recruiters?", "Are there any positions in Chengdu?" "Hainan Haikou or Sanya Blockchain Post", "Are you looking for interns for 2021 graduates?". On March 25th, nearly 10,000 people watched online at the site of […]

The first in Beijing! The Blockchain Application Platform of Xicheng District Opens the Information Barriers of Multiple Departments, Citizens "Brush Faces" Can Do Things

Source: Beijing Daily Editor's Note: The original title was "Xicheng District Blockchain Application Platform Opens Multiple Departments' Information Barriers for the First Time in the City!" Citizens can do things by "brushing their faces" The newspaper (reporter Wang Haiyan) can do things without having to show his ID card. Yesterday, the Xicheng District Blockchain Application […]

Weekly development of industrial blockchain 丨 Singapore has built a large-scale landing of a new battlefield for blockchain, Hunan's policy is the most powerful

In terms of industrial policy, Hunan will promulgate a blockchain development plan, and Suzhou Xiangcheng District in Suzhou will cultivate 10 companies with revenues exceeding 100 million yuan. In terms of industrial research, the role of blockchain in "new infrastructure" is prominent, and the country vigorously promotes new infrastructure, which also provides a new battlefield […]

Weekly development of industrial blockchain 丨 Epidemic overlays economic crisis, confidence is more important than gold

In the past week, global capital markets have been in a bloodstream, crude oil has plummeted, multinational stock indexes have melted, financial assets have been sold at no cost, and even gold has not been spared. The highly anticipated bitcoin combines the reputation of "hedging assets" and "digital gold", and is even more vulnerable to […]

Viewpoint | The premise of halving the price of bitcoin is that there is no financial crisis and focus on crypto assets out of the circle

On March 3rd, Tao Rongqi, the founder of X-Order and partner of NGC Ventures, was invited to participate in the informal talks of Gyro Finance, and shared the theme of [halving, risk aversion and crypto market]. The following is a wonderful record. enjoy ~ Under the crisis of magic epidemic, Long Crypto, Long Gold, Long […]