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New Path of International Cooperation for Chinese Enterprises Against Globalization: Blockchain Industry Alliance

Text: Inter-Chain Pulse Three years ago, the famous American food company AMD (Archer Daniels Midland Company) also regarded China ’s largest food company, COFCO, as a competitor. But now they are working together, and the link technology of cooperation is blockchain. On March 31, the Swiss regulatory authority approved the legal entity of Covantis SA. […]

Is there a future for Bitcoin? Is the fundamentals of the blockchain industry stable? Disciple Ren Zeping tells you the answer

The rapid development of the blockchain continues to gain the attention of outsiders. On March 27th, Shuangjie Ren, a disciple of Ren Zeping and founder of Tongzheng Tong Research Institute, reviewed and summarized the development process and experience of the Internet era in the second session of "Basic Blockchain Fundamentals in the Eyes of Traditional […]

Spreading epidemic is hitting global mutual trust, why is it difficult to rebuild transnational trust with blockchain

Text 丨 Interlink Pulse The epidemic is spreading globally, but in the field of public opinion, there is more criticism and less cooperation. Especially with the country as the boundary, the number of incidents of national discrimination and racial discrimination has increased rapidly. This epidemic has also hindered globalization, and industrial collaboration has moved from […]

Blockchain written into Chinese government decision-making documents on a large scale: the experimental period has passed

Text: Interchain Pulse · Yuan Shang On January 14th, the Ministry of Commerce and 8 ministries and commissions including the Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the General Administration of Customs, and the State […]

In-depth analysis: What is the far-reaching significance of cross-border trade application of blockchain

Author: Duan Lin Xiao Editor's Note: The original title was "The Mission of the Number One Trade Country in the Digital Economy Era (Part 2)-The Far-reaching Significance of Cross-Border Trade Application of Blockchain"   Customs pass, then trade pass; logistics pass, financial pass Why do you say "Guanguantong, then Tradelink"? The true nature of cross-border […]

Blockchain Industry Development Trend Report (2019): Systematic Analysis of the Global Blockchain Industry Development Status

From October 24th, after the eighteenth collective study of the development status and trends of blockchain technology by the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the blockchain industry has continued to heat up, and more and more companies and institutions have chosen to join this wave. In China, regulators […]

Perspectives | Five conjectures for the blockchain industry in 2020

Conjecture 1: Bitcoin halving may not usher in a bull market If you want to talk about the hot words in the currency circle this year, I am afraid that it is "halving". Whether it is an ordinary retail investor or a cryptocurrency trading institution, starting from the bear market in 2018, they will hope […]

How does the blockchain build a "gentleman's country" for industrial collaboration?

Text: Interchain Pulse · King Go Source: Interchain Pulse The "gentleman's country", which "keeps track of the road, stays closed at night, does not deceive children, and does what is necessary", is proposed by Meng Yan, deputy dean of the Digital Asset Research Institute, and a world of industrial synergy that can be constructed by […]

Ten experts took turns to accept Meng Yan's sharp question: How many points do you give to the development of the current blockchain?

Since 2018, with the high-profile layout of blockchains such as Tencent and Ant Financial, the public's awareness of the blockchain has deepened. In particular, Tencent, the blockchain electronic invoices launched by the industry has become an explosion of blockchain applications in the industry. The blockchain is no longer stuck in the technical concept, but is […]

The number said that 50 star blockchain projects fell below the issue price, and more than 10 projects were nearly zero.

Written in the front: In 2017-2018, the blockchain showed unprecedented prosperity, hundreds of billions of dollars were put into the market, and thousands of projects were established. Nowadays, the tide has faded and the industry has been in a downturn: the currency price in the secondary market has continued to fall, and the technology has […]