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Perspective | Zhao Wei, Tsinghua Internet Industry Research Institute: Construction of a New Blockchain Commercial Organization under the Impact of the Epidemic

Editor's Note: The original title was "Zhao Wei: Construction of a New Blockchain Commercial Organization under the Impact of the Epidemic". This article has been deleted without changing the author's original intention. On the evening of February 12, Zhao Wei, Director of the Blockchain Special Committee of the China Intellectual Property Development Alliance and Blockchain […]

Viewpoint | The Route Choice of Digital Currency from the "Internet Standards Controversy"

Source: Surging News Author: Qin source (The author is the financial industry practitioners) Since the birth of Bitcoin in 2008, digital currency has quickly penetrated into people's daily communication for a little over 10 years. In June 2019, Facebook launched a white paper on the digital currency Libra project, which is scheduled to officially land […]

Wang Xiaoliang: Blockchain ends Internet "wool comes out of dogs, pigs pay" model

By Wang Xiaoliang Editor / Zhao Xuejiao At the time of the change of old and new, Zinc Link invited industry leaders to discuss the development of the industrial blockchain 2.0 era, explore the integration of blockchain with other technologies, and the path of landing in the industry, and promote the industrial blockchain from 1 […]

Developing blockchain is an action to save the Internet?

This is the 18th original article on the chain view My personal backpack often contains two Kevin Kelly books, one heavy one, "Out of Control", an insight into the final destiny and end of humankind, and one "Inevitable", which looks forward to the future development trend of science and technology. After reading and thinking about […]

Babbitt Column | Cai Weide: The entire financial system can be replaced by blockchain

Editor's Note: The original title was "What is the core technology of the Internet?" 》 The “Internet Link Summit” was successfully held in Hangzhou International Expo Center. Professor Bei Wei, a guide from Beijing Airlines, was invited to attend and delivered a keynote speech on "Internet Link: An Important Breakthrough in China's Science and Technology." […]

Babbitt Column | Blockchain industry to land, these areas still need to be greatly improved

I. Status Although each of us hopes that the blockchain can land as early as possible, and from the daily news, it seems that some blockchain products have been landing one after another, such as Tencent's blockchain invoice, such as the central bank's Blockchain's digital bill system, such as Alibaba's blockchain-based cross-border remittance system and […]

The world after the Bitcoin inflection point

Author: Kay's Story Editor's note: This article has been deleted without changing the original intention of the author. In the article "Bitcoin's turning point signal will appear in December" at the beginning of the month, I clearly described the point that Bitcoin Ethereum encountered last week. At the same time, I also said that we […]

Blockchain can't save traffic NetEase circle and other products failure revelation

Author: Yuan interlinked pulse still without authorization, shall not be reproduced! NetEase circle officials announced that it will cease operations on February 1 next year, and a friend said that you should write something. After all, as soon as this product hits the market, you see its death. This is true. In November last year, […]

Nearly half of the top 50 Chinese Internet companies are “outsiders” in the blockchain?

Wen Hao Mutual Chain Pulse · Golden Car Blockchain outlets have come, but nearly half of China's top 50 Internet companies are still "outsiders." Mutual chain pulse counts the top 50 Internet companies in China in 2019 (according to the "Top 100 Chinese Internet Companies in 2019" jointly issued by China Internet Society, Network Security […]

In the past two or three years, the helm of Internet technology companies has looked at blockchains like this.

Text: Mutual chain pulse · Yuan Shang Source: Interchain Pulse October 25 is the watershed of China's blockchain industry. Prior to this, as the "blockchain" of trusting machines, the negative consequences brought about by the "air currency" and "selling currency" chaos are still questioned in society. It is in the cloud-shadowing period that the heads […]