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Babbitt Column | Essential Knowledge of Encrypted Digital Currency Wallet: Divide Wallet Types and Their Advantages and Disadvantages by Terminal

Author: tan90 Editor's Note: The original title was "Selecting and Using Cryptocurrency Wallet Necessary Knowledge (1), and Dividing Wallet Types and Advantages and Disadvantages by Terminal" We have wallets for bank notes and bank cards. Wallets and money are two different things. Money is the core, and wallets are tools. The money can be packed […]

Introduction to Blockchain | How Does DeFi Liquidator Work?

Author: king Editor's Note: The original title was "DeFi Classroom | How Does DeFi Liquidator Work?" 》 Co-produced by Conflux × Odaily Planet Daily, Planet Daily Senior Reporter @ 王 also served as the lead author. When it comes to DeFi, people pay more attention to mortgage lending, decentralized exchanges, derivatives trading, stablecoins, etc., but […]

Introduction to Blockchain | In-depth understanding of Orphan Block: Orphan Block is actually a stale block

Source: First position Editor's Note: The original title was "In-depth understanding of orphan blocks" Although I am fond of Ethereum and Turing's complete blockchain (bitcoin is not), Ethereum is also based on many concepts of bitcoin, so the two are very similar. In this article, let's talk about Bitcoin's "solitary block". In most cases, all […]

Popular Science | PoS mining and bank deposits to earn interest, are the same?

Written by: Chen Yixin Source: Hashkeyhub When saving money in a bank, the interest is determined by the amount and time of the deposit, as is the Proof of Stake (PoS) mechanism. PoS determines the packaging probability of mining success according to the time and number of coins. Compared with PoW mining, the advantages of […]

Introduction to Blockchain | Re-understanding BTC Time Chain, Mining Rewards and OTC Trading

Source: Blockchain Base Camp Editor's Note: The original title was "Re-understanding the Concepts of BTC Time Chain, Mining Rewards and OTC" Based on the use of digital signatures and the CoinJoin paradigm, this article will explore the concepts of Bitcoin's unique time sequence, mining fees, and OTC transactions. 01 Proving Singleness: Time Chain At the […]

Popular science | Public chain is not a blockchain in the future. The alliance chain will become a blockchain business application leader

Whether the future of blockchain is a public or alliance chain has been a hotly debated topic in the industry. In this article, Dr. Gao Chengshi said that the public chain is not the future of the blockchain. And from the perspective of the consensus mechanism of public chain, alliance chain and private chain, it […]

Popular Science | DeFi Beginner's Guide

Source: nakamoko Translation: First Class (First.VIP) The author of this article is Linda Xie, a former product manager of Coinbase. She is now the co-founder of blockchain venture capital fund Scalar Capital. Her famous work is her currency guide series. She has written more than ten articles such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Excellent beginner's guide. […]

Popular science | Can't tell the difference between electronic money, virtual money and digital money? look here!

Author: Boots Source: 52cbdc The electronic money used for WeChat and Alipay platform transfers, the central bank's digital currency DCEP issued by China, the encrypted digital currency Libra launched by Facebook or 2020, and Bitcoin, Ethereum, which are risky in the market based on technologies such as blockchain, There are QQ coins that have been […]

Science | What is the SHA256 algorithm used for Bitcoin mining?

Video Source: Matthew Endures Teaching Translation: Cobo Wallet The most popular computer algorithm in the world is probably the SHA 256 hash algorithm. First look at its definition-a deterministic one-way hash function. Let's explain it word by word: "Algorithm" is a series of steps / processes that perform operations; "Hash function" is a mathematical function, […]

Introduction to Blockchain 丨 Why do EOS DPoS not easily cause split forks?

Translator | Listen to the wind Production | Vernacular Blockchain (ID: hellobtc) In the blockchain world, fork is a word we often hear, and both Bitcoin and Ethereum have experienced a certain number of forks. However, not all coins will fork, and some coins will hardly fork. For example, DPoS is not easy to fork. […]