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Protocol Lab's latest keynote: Internet pioneers are talking about distributed networks

Recently, the agreement laboratory MARVIN AMMORI gave a lecture in the law laboratory (Illinois University of Technology Legal Innovation Center-helping to invent the future of the legal industry) with the theme "A New Internet: How Cryptocurrency Will Promote a Decentralized Network". Some text is as follows: Many internet pioneers are talking about distributed internet When […]

Why is FileCoin delayed again?

Source: beep news On February 20, 2020, the official Filecoin blog updated the latest project roadmap. According to the project timeline shown in the roadmap, the deadline for the first phase of the Filecoin testnet will be postponed to April 17, 2020. The second phase of the test network originally scheduled from February 24 to […]

Winklevoss brothers support Filecoin, how long will it take us to raise $ 257 million?

On February 26, Gemini, a cryptocurrency exchange headed by the Winklevoss brothers, stated in a blog that the company is working with regulators to support Filecoin transactions. The blog post reads: "In addition to escrow services, we also work closely with the New York State Department of Financial Services (NYSDFS) to obtain approval to provide […]

Filecoin Interoperability Network is coming online. Do you know it?

According to the official roadmap, although the official postponed the second phase of the test and the mainnet launch, it also advanced part of the second phase. From the latest Gantt chart, the tentative advance contents are (US time): Interoperable network involving Lotus and go-filecoin, March 9-April 17 Finalizing the Economic Structure of Cryptocurrencies, April […]

Why is Filecoin different? IPFS founder talks about its proof system

Source: IPFS Force Zone Compilation Original link: Like other large technological innovations, blockchain is a combination of several mature technologies that we have used and trusted for decades. The "consensus mechanism" has been studied since the 1970s and developed into a tool to combat spam in the 1990s. It allows users in distributed systems […]

Web3's Three Revolutions

Compilation: Shi Taosheng Source: IPFS Force Zone Original link: This article is based on a text version of Google's product designer Tony Aubé's presentation at WAQ2019. The article explains the three evolutionary logics of Web3, summarizes the three fundamental characteristics of Web3, and particularly emphasizes that most of Web3's changes will occur at the […]

Filecoin Ultimate Guide: An Overview of How It Works, Parsing Protocols, and Possible Improvements

Original author: Vaibhav Saini description link: medium build: Continental Star Editor's Note: The original title is "[will] Filecoin most comprehensive collection of useful Ultimate Guide" Since the decentralization revolution began in 2009, many promising projects have emerged and changed our perception and lifestyle in this world. Protocol Labs is one such project, which has spawned […]

Looking for the miner "to1475": Filecoin's public miners arena

Text: Nancy Source: Interstellar Vision Editor's note: The original title was "Exclusive Networkwide | Filecoin's" 1475 "in the Beta Filecoin, after Bitcoin and Ethereum, is the first blockchain project in the region that is closely integrated with the real economy, and has been favored by many blockchain fans. It not only created a myth of […]

Broker giant TD Ameritrade supports, ErisX will open bitcoin futures trading at 10pm tonight

ErisX, a cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform supported by brokerage giant TD Ameritrade, plans to launch bitcoin futures trading today (10 PM, December 17, Beijing time). The New York-based company issued an announcement to investors and traders informing them about the futures offering. The details of the futures products provided so far are unclear, only knowing […]

Chip giant AMD joins blockchain game alliance to empower blockchain gaming

Cointelegraph reported on December 16 that American multinational IT company AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) has joined the Blockchain Game Alliance and has established two new partnerships to help advance blockchain technology Application in the industry. Image source: visualhunt A press release on December 12 revealed that the chip manufacturing giant is working with blockchain technology […]