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Iran: Government has issued more than 1,000 mining licenses to miners, electricity bills remain a major challenge for miners

According to reports, the Iranian government has issued more than 1,000 cryptocurrency mining licenses since it began regulating the cryptocurrency industry. Many large mines have been established in the country, but high electricity prices have discouraged many small investors. Image source: Pixabay More than 1,000 licenses granted to miners The Financial Tribune reported on Friday […]

"Battle cannot be fought", Iranian miners dodged the war but could not "speak"

Author: 0x66 Source: BlockBeats Not fighting anymore. In the morning of January 8, local time, US President Trump gave "ready to embrace peace" and "will not make a direct military response" to US-Iranian relations in a delayed national speech. Reply. Although it has long been judged that this battle could not be fought, after receiving […]

Iran attacks U.S. military bases on safe-haven assets

Earlier this morning, at least nine rockets struck Ain al-Asad Air Force Base in Anbar Governorate in western Iraq, an air force base near the Syrian border with U.S. forces. According to several Iranian media sources, the Islamic Revolutionary Guards confirmed the attack on the US Assad Air Base in Iraq with dozens of missiles. […]

US-Israel conflict bitcoin gets attention again, "hedging" will become the main theme of the bull market?

Unexpectedly, after bitcoin was suppressed for a period of time, a US-Iraq conflict directly ignited the first fire of halving the market in 2020. Affected by the US-Iran conflict, international crude oil and gold futures rose sharply. Bitcoin also rebounded from around $ 6,800 on January 3, hitting a maximum of $ 8,000, and in […]

Iran's Bitcoin price soars? The real situation may be just the opposite

Source: Longhash A drone attack in the United States killed the Major General of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, causing global attention to instantly focus on the region. Qassim Soleimani, killed by the United States, is the commander of the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard ’s elite unit "Quds Force" and is responsible for military operations in […]

Iran's domestic bitcoin premium is serious, bitcoin sells for up to 24,000 US dollars

Author Xiu MU Source: Tweet With the tension between the United States and Iran, the Bitcoin Iranian seller on the peer-to-peer trading platform LocalBitcoins has set its pricing to about 1 billion Iranian rials (about $ 24,000). The founder of crypto analytics agency Messari Ryan Selkis explained that the premium may be due to […]

Iran's President proposes Muslim countries to create cryptocurrency to reduce dependence on US dollar

According to Cointelegraph today, the Iranian president has proposed the creation of a cryptocurrency suitable for Muslims as one of many ways to counter the dominance of the US economy. (Source: Pixabay ) The Associated Press reported that Iranian President Rouhani called on Muslim countries to strengthen financial and trade cooperation and reduce dependence on […]

Following the legalization of mining, Iran intends to push the annual mining license

Following the legalization of digital currency mining activities, Iran has recently focused on the development of relevant regulations. According to a draft proposal for a new Iranian cryptocurrency mining regulation obtained by Coindesk, registration and existing cryptocurrency mine owners are required to submit information, including a list of business activities, estimated investment value, current employment […]

Iran re-examines the details of encryption mining supervision, electricity prices rise or "capital flight"

Since the Iranian government approved encryption mining as an industrial activity in early August, details of the relevant regulatory policies on cryptocurrency mining have continued to flow. According to media reports, the Iranian Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade is about to issue a document that will pave the way for the legalization of cryptocurrency […]

Iran will promote the legalization of the encryption mining business

Translator: Play the coin family ElaineHu Iran officially recognizes that cryptocurrency mining is a legitimate industry in its territory. According to the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mining and Agriculture of the Iranian government, the Iranian Economic Commission approved the encryption mining business on Sunday, and the government is currently looking for ways to regulate such […]