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IRISnet delivers cross-chain presentations and opens the Internet with DEX

IRISnet today achieved two important technical milestones: (1) completed the Cosmos Cross-Link Communication Protocol IBC's Pass-to-Transfer module (submitted to the Cosmos SDK code base) and released a visual demonstration version of the Rainbow Wallet for this feature; The San Francisco global blockchain hacker started to publicly demonstrate in the week; (2) officially opened the two-way […]

Understanding IRISnet Chain Governance: The "Self-Evolution" of Cross-Chain Service Networks

On July 2nd, IRIS Hub initiated the first proposal for a modification of the parameters on the chain – a proposal to appropriately increase the difficulty of the certifier's operational node, and then opened the vote after meeting the mortgage condition of 2000 IRIS within the one-day mortgage phase, followed by a period of time […]

IRISnet gallops: we have to cross not just the blockchain

A public chain can not solve all distributed collaboration problems has become the consensus of more and more people, and with the main online line of Cosmos and IRISnet, the cross-chain horn is officially blown. Since the launch on March 1, IRISnet has not stopped in the footsteps. On the chain, self-evolution, clear-cutting programs, multi-asset […]

Understand the four core modules of the IRISnet economic model and re-understand the development path and potential value of IRISnet

When it comes to cross-chain projects, you usually think of two systems, Polkadot and Cosmos. In fact, even in the Cosmos system, there are undiscovered jade. IRISnet in the Cosmos cross-chain system is a project worthy of attention. IRISnet's main network IRIS Hub is the first Hub in the Cosmos ecosystem, which was earlier than […]

10% of lockouts are accompanied by over 60% mortgage, what do institutional investors expect from IRISnet?

With the launch of the main network by Cosmos and IRISnet cross-chain double stars, it indicates to some extent that in 2019, it will become the first year of cross-chain platform landing. After ATOM opened the transfer transaction, it successively landed on major exchanges, but the online mortgage rate remained stable. More than 52%, this […]