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The regulatory high pressure continues and the market needs to return to rationality

The central bank's Shanghai headquarters said that in recent years, speculations related to virtual currency (such as ICO, IFO, IEO, IMO, and STO) have been refurbished and speculative, prices have skyrocketed, and risks have gathered rapidly. Relevant financing entities through the illegal sale, circulation of tokens, raising funds to investors or bitcoin, Ethereum and other […]

Cai Liang of Zhejiang University: China's relevant regulatory framework has been initially completed, China blockchain must be manageable

"The focus of China's blockchain development in the near future must be in the alliance chain." At the "Terminal Chain + Real Economy Forum" of the "2019 NetEase Future Conference" held on the afternoon of November 23, the executive deputy director of the Zhejiang University Blockchain Research Center Cai Liang, deputy dean of the School […]

Fujian Quanzhou realized blockchain electronic license + entity license issued simultaneously

Source: People's Network Editor's Note: The original title is "Quanzhou Realizes Blockchain Electronic Certificate + Entity Certificate Simultaneously Issued" Yesterday morning, Mr. Qiu came to Quanzhou Administrative Service Center to apply for the qualification certificate for road transport practitioners. He not only obtained the physical license soon, but also received a qualification certificate for the […]

Patent VS Open Source: How does China change lanes in the blockchain field?

Author: Robin Source: Generation The historical development is so dramatic. A few weeks ago, the blockchain industry was chilling, and it was instantly ignited by a major policy of the country. In the near future, the promotion of various regulations, the mainstream media's crackdown on non-compliant blockchain projects, and the rapid cooling of the blockchain […]

In the second half of the blockchain investment, is the organization running for admission?

Author: Howard Source: Consensus for the future Introduction: After the madness of the ICO riches in 2017 and the disappointment of the 2018 bubble burst, by 2019, blockchain investment entered the second half of the wave. Today, we saw several exciting institutional investors entering the market: Galaxy Digital, the US encryption investment bank, announced the […]

Official announcement! Bakkt cash settled bitcoin futures will go live on December 9

On Thursday, the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) revealed that Bakkt is preparing to launch a cash (US dollar) settlement of bitcoin futures on December 9. As can be seen from the contract specifications provided by ICE, this cash-settled bitcoin futures contract is 1 BTC in size and the minimum price volatility is $2.5/BTC. The following is […]

Bitcoin fell below the 8000 mark, can the spot be admitted?

Author | Hash sent analysis team

Jianan Technology Landed on NASDAQ: The First Block of the Global Blockchain was born

Author: C t Source: IPO knows early (ID: ipozaozhidao) This listing means that Jianan has become the first IPO of China's independent intellectual property artificial intelligence chip companies to the US, and is also the first block of the global blockchain. According to the prospectus, the prospectus shows that Jianan’s total revenue in 2018 was […]

Observation | China blockchain builds a peak in global public opinion

Text | Mutual chain pulse · Yuan Shang After the “1024 Conference”, the global information demand for China's blockchain development hit a new high in the single market. According to Google Trends data, the search volume of “blockchain china” climbed from October 27th to November 2nd, surpassing the blockchain + “USA”, “Europe”, “Japan” The sum […]

Views | Next vent: More DAO than Token

Author: James Waugh Translator: Unitimes_Louis Source: Unitimes   DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) is a community, an economic system, and an investment. There will be more DAOs than Token. There are currently 1,500+ Tokens and approximately 50 DAOs (including Moloch DAOs, Aragon, DAOstack and separate Token DAOs). This is the next vent I am interested in, […]