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Opinion | Why is ConsenSys the best target for a JPMorgan acquisition?

Source: Cointelegraph Chinese , original title "Merger and Acquisition of Consensys: This Merger Paves the Way for the Development of JPMorgan Chase" Author: Shiraz Jagati Compile: Alex According to a new report released earlier this week, banking giant JP Morgan is currently pushing ahead with its internal blockchain unit Quorum and Ethereum software developer ConsenSys' […]

Is Morgan Chase sour? Jamie Dimon commented on Libra: a brilliant idea that will never be realized

JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon said that Facebook's unreleased Libra stable currency is "a brilliant idea that will never be realized." On Friday, Dimon made this comment at the International Finance Association meeting. He said that the idea behind Libra is not unique. He further turned the topic to the stable coin JPM Coin issued […]

Opinions | Is the financial era coming from a giant company to develop a stable currency?

Recently, we have received many small partners to ask us about the issue of digital encryption stable currency, such as the meaning of the stable currency, the similarities and differences between the stable currency and the traditional legal currency, whether the stable currency will affect the status of the legal currency, and so on. Is […]

Is the Morgan coin finally coming? JPMorgan Chase announced that it will start trial operation as early as this year

According to Bloomberg, JPM Coin, the digital currency developed by JPMorgan Chase, will start trial operation as early as this year. JP Morgan Chase recently disclosed the project, which is an important project centered on the international settlement field. As a digital currency for instant settlement, the model is similar to virtual currency using DLT […]

JPMorgan Chase implements digital cryptocurrency and interprets "stable currency" from the perspective of monetary economics

JPMorgan Chase, one of the largest financial services institutions in the United States, announced in February that it will issue the encrypted digital currency JPM Coin, which is considered by the outside world to be the official entry of JPMorgan Chase into the blockchain. The author combines JPMorgan Chase to issue the "Morgancoin" hot event, […]

Pan Chao: The clearing system and blockchain network behind JP Morgan Chase

The issue of the implementation of the stable currency by JPMorgan Chase has sparked a wide-ranging discussion in the circle. Among them, the "JPM Coin Trilogy" by Maker Dao economic researcher and head of China, Pan Chao, is the most detailed and profound. Recently, we have the privilege of inviting Pan Chao to be the […]