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What does the JPMorgan Chase 2020 blockchain report say?

"JPMorgan released a blockchain market report this week that talks about the technology's prospects in mainstream applications and the feasibility of stablecoins such as the Libra project backed by Facebook." JPMorgan Perspectives reports this year that blockchain has proven to be more widely used in companies such as stock exchanges, although it will take years […]

JP Morgan's blockchain payment network will run in Japan early next year, with more than 80 Japanese banks hoping to join the network

Cointelegraph reported on December 10 that JP Morgan's blockchain payment network will operate in Japan in early 2020. (Image source: pixabay ) The Interbank Information Network (IIN) is based on Quorum, JPMorgan's internal blockchain platform. The network plans to accelerate payment transactions and solve the problem of data sharing between banks. According to Bloomberg, more […]

JP Morgan Chase CEO dilutes the effect of Libra coins: we will talk again after at least three years

Jamie Dimon, chief executive of JPMorgan Chase (JPM), said on Tuesday that he doesn't think Facebook's attempt to launch Libra's currency would pose a threat to JP Morgan Chase. The Libra coin project has recently been attacked by US President Trump and his government. In a conference call with analysts, Dimon said: "In the long […]

Is JPMorgan’s cryptocurrency valuable?

1. Does JP Morgan Chase plan to enter the remittance market? In addition, Coindesk claims that Umar Farooq, the leader of JPMorgan's blockchain, wants to use JPM Coin for mobile payments. Therefore, JPMorgan Chase can enter the remittance through JPM Coin. Explain that remittances are international remittances between private individuals. At present, remittances are a […]

JPMorgan expands the Zether protocol or develops new privacy features for the Quorum project

According to Coindesk's May 28 report, JPMorgan Chase's blockchain team developed a privacy feature for the Ethereum-based blockchain that not only hides the transaction amount but also hides the sender of the transaction. Image source: visualhunt JPMorgan Chase has revealed to CoinDesk that it has added an extension to the Zether protocol. The Zether protocol […]