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Video | Judicial Blockchain 2.0: Smart Contract Opens New Model of Judicial Ecosystem Level

On October 24, 2019, in order to promote the governance of litigation sources, resolve disputes from the source and rebuild cyberspace credit, Hangzhou Internet Court launched a blockchain smart contract judicial application system, opened a new model of credit ecosystem-level litigation source governance, and will It was first applied to the field of e-commerce. On […]

Blockchain testing water judicial process, supervision technology needs to be improved

Source: China Business News Recently, the exploration of regulatory technology has been frequently mentioned. On February 14, 2020, the "Opinions on Further Accelerating the Construction of the Shanghai International Financial Center and Financial Support for the Integrated Development of the Yangtze River Delta" (hereinafter referred to as "Opinions") was officially released. It mentioned in particular […]

Interview | Beijing Internet Court Uses Smart Contracts to Realize "One-click Filing" Blockchain "Judicial Dividend" Appears

Source: Securities Daily; reporter Ma Fangye, Xing Meng, the original title "Smart Court Achieves" One-Click Case "Blockchain" Judicial Dividend "Appears-Interview with Dean Zhang Wen of Beijing Internet Court December 4, 2019 is the sixth National Constitution Day. On October 28 this year, the official of the Beijing Internet Court announced the use of blockchain smart […]

Industry Blockchain Weekly News 丨 Leaders in many places support the blockchain, the party secretary of Shanghai

After the "10.24 Speech", local governments across the country have actively learned how to grasp blockchain opportunities through learning sessions and other forms, strengthen the top-level design, and strengthen the local blockchain technology industry advantage. However, there are not many government leaders who are able to investigate the actual operation of the blockchain at the […]

From "after-the-fact forensics" to "synchronized deposit certificate", the change of procuratorial handling mode brought by blockchain technology

Author: Zhao Zhigang Source: Procuratorate Daily Evidence is the core content of litigation. The authenticity of evidence comes from the investigation and evidence collection at the source, from the storage and transfer of the middle. Whether at the source or in the middle, the evidence has the possibility of being tampered with. This is not […]

Blockchain empowers justice, illustrating the first case of financial disputes in Zhejiang Province that successfully used blockchain mediation

Source: Jiaxing Intermediate People's Court The original title "Jiaxing Haining Court uses blockchain technology to mediate the first financial disputes in the province" On November 5, Haining Court mediation of a financial loan contract dispute case. The two parties agreed that the defendant Lu Moumou and Shen Moumou would return the bank loan principal and […]

Blockchain judicial deposits are becoming more and more popular, and traditional Internet companies are entering the market.

Compared with other applications in the blockchain, blockchain is more widely used in the field of judicial deposits. On June 28, the G20 Chinese spokesperson said at the Chinese and foreign media briefings held by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that the G20 is also concerned about the application of new technologies in the financial […]

The blockchain changes the judicial community: the evidence is completed within 1 second, and the cost is one percent of the traditional notarization.

From the electronic evidence deposit, to the electronic contract, copyright confirmation, in the judicial field, the blockchain is no longer a new thing. On June 14th, the Information Center of the Supreme People's Court participated in the guidance, and a number of courts and blockchain enterprises participated in the preparation of the White Paper on […]

At least 7 provincial and municipal courts in the country have built a blockchain electronic evidence platform Beijing, Guangzhou and Hangzhou are at the forefront

Recently, Yantai City, Shandong Province issued documents to promote the construction of digital government, pointing out the need to build a "judicial administration + blockchain" and other services and platforms, and comprehensively create Yantai legal services "Taobao." In fact, the value of “blockchain+judicial” is gradually becoming more prominent, and related applications are moving further. At […]

With the participation of nine courts, the blockchain judicial white paper was released!

On June 14th, guided by the Information Center of the Supreme People's Court, the China Information and Communication Research Institute and the Shanghai Higher People's Court took the lead in coordinating the "blockchain justice" jointly initiated by 25 provincial and municipal high-level people's courts and 3 Internet courts. The White Paper on Deposit Application is […]