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President of the Beijing Internet Court: Black technology such as "Tianping Chain" provides advanced experience for the blockchain system of the court system

Source: Daily Economic News , the original title "Every Interview with the President of the Beijing Internet Court, Zhang Wen:" Tianping Chain "Evidence Blockchain and Other Black Technologies, Provide Prior Experience for the Court System Blockchain Application" Every reporter Liu Yongsheng Every editor Yi Qijiang Beijing Internet Court, as one of the three Internet courts […]

Views | What are the prominent issues facing blockchain judicial applications? The authenticity of the on-chain data resource itself

Author: Zhang Hua vertical Source: People's Court Editor's Note: The original title was "Justice Chess for a Good Blockchain Application" Promote the first move of the organic combination of blockchain application and the rule of law network. In the judicial application process of the blockchain, promote the governance of the source of lawsuits; in the […]

Judicial business integrates blockchain technology! Guangzhou's first submission of electronic forensic opinions

Li Bin, full-text reporter of Guangzhou Daily Source: The Guangzhou Judicial Bureau, the Guangzhou Intermediate People's Court, the Guangzhou People's Procuratorate, and the Guangzhou Public Security Bureau jointly held a briefing today. The "Guangzhou Public Law Chain" was established and applied, and the city's appraisal institutions will access the "Guangzhou Public Law Chain" from […]

"2020 Legal Industry Blockchain Development Report" released: What are the potential opportunities for blockchain policies and law firms?

Li Lei, founding partner of law firm, founder of Shanghai Fahe Information Technology Co., Ltd., and author of "The dusk of the corporate system: blockchain thinking and digital incentives" Legal Industry Blockchain Development Report '' On December 28, 2019, the 2019 annual meeting of directors of the law firm was solemnly held in Phuket. Li […]

Chain + Justice | Can Blockchain Win a Lawsuit After the Blockchain Is Deposited?

Text: Qin Xiaofeng Production: Planet Daily Odaily With the development of digital technology, electronic evidence (in the form of sound, pictures, videos, etc.) appears more and more frequently in lawsuits. According to the White Paper on the Application of Electronic Evidence in China in 2018, over 73% of civil cases across the country involved electronic […]

Blockchain + Justice: Evidence Chaining, Lawsuit Chaining

Recently, the Guangzhou Internet Court officially launched the "Netcom Law Chain" platform based on the underlying technology of the blockchain. The three major Internet courts in China have embraced the blockchain, using the alliance chain architecture and the multi-party nodes in the ecosystem to maintain data, store data in a blockchain structure, maintain evidence consistency, […]