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Multi-party secure calculation of MPC is hot, how to manage keys through MPC?

Source: Lianwen, the original title "Secure multi-party calculation of MPC is hot, how to manage keys through MPC? 》 Interviewed: Xie Xiang, Algorithm Scientist at PlatON Interview / Writer: Li Hua Key management is a concept that is becoming more and more important and has become an important infrastructure in the field of blockchain. When […]

Apple aligns with Samsung? The new iPone will have built-in encryption components and private key storage

According to a Bitcoinist report on January 6, Apple's next-generation iPhone series models have attracted everyone's attention. The new iPhone 12 Pro is expected to be released in September this year. Evaluation site PocketLint expects several new features to be added to this series of phones. Will Apple enter the field of encrypted mobile phones […]

Network key exchange and public key distribution method

First, the background In the current network environment, in order to ensure that the data in the communication between two nodes is secure, the ETH network usually needs to use a public key algorithm (asymmetric encryption algorithm) for key exchange, and then use a symmetric encryption algorithm. Data encryption, using a one-way hash function to […]

How to steal the key of Ethereum wallet? (Part2)

How to steal the key of Ethereum wallet? (Part1) The arrangement of Ethereum, the destination of Ethereum Bedna Reek tried to deposit a dollar of Ethereum in a weak key address, which the thief had emptied before. Within a few seconds, it was transferred to the robber's account. Bednacre then attempted to put a dollar […]

How to steal the key of Ethereum wallet? (Part1)

Summary: A blockchain is a public transaction book that is verified by signing and proving transaction data ownership using a public ac and private key. The popular blockchain may have hundreds of millions of transactions, including – Bitcoin, Waves, Ripple, ZCash, Monero and Ethereum (Ether Place). Currently, there are 345 million transactions in Ethereum involving […]

The most powerful number in the encrypted world: 2256

2256 is the 256th power of 2. For the blockchain and encryption industry, what does this figure mean? We know that computers are based on binary numbers. The following is an example. If the number on each digit can only be "0" or "1" in two digits, then we can generate the following four possible […]