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Beware of replay attacks! PoC2 + Hard Fork Upgrade Risk Tips

What is a replay attack? Replay Attack is a common and ancient attack method in computer networks. In the blockchain, replay attacks specifically refer to hard forks, in which an attacker takes transactions on one chain and “replays (replays)” on another chain to gain improper benefits. Means of attack. After all, this is a technical […]

Inventory HyperPlotter, Lava's efficient P disk

1) There are set parameters in TP to increase the writing speed. Does HP have similar parameters? Answer: There is a buffer in HP to adjust the cache size. The default value is related to the graphics card, which is usually 2. This is 4, write speed, single disk 160M / s. Set it to […]

Lava PoC2 + protocol upgrade hard fork solution

In order to successfully introduce the new PoC2 + standard, it is necessary to appropriately transform the full node at the consensus level, which is also called a fork. This article introduces the fork scheme proposed by Lava's core developer team. Forks generally have two forms, one is a hard fork and the other is […]

Lava Interpretation | PoC2 + Upgrade: What Can the New Standard Bring to the PoC Field?

Foreword: This interview is aimed at the recent "PoC2 +" new P-disk standard proposed by Lava's technical team. It selected several issues of concern to the community and specifically invited Lava's technical development team to personally answer it. The issues include: · What is the new PoC2 + standard? What changes has PoC2 + made […]

Why is 2020 the year of opportunity for blockchain development?

Today, the BTC network exceeds 100 exahash (EH / s) per second, and BCH is also steadily attracting hash power in the entire network. In fact, since the end of 2018, the network computing power of BTC, BCH, and BSV has improved. BTC's entire network computing power has expanded from 32EH / s to the […]

Opinion | Under turmoil, is hedging a Bitcoin script?

"You never know which accident or market will come first?" Maybe come together. At the beginning of the new year, when everyone was immersed in the Lunar New Year 2020 and came earlier than in previous years, Xiao Wang, who brushed his circle of friends, found that BTC suddenly rose, and once rose from 6850 […]

Lava: Creating a Decentralized PoC Ecology

"When the miner rang, the gold was extremely good." "New blockchain technology, XX coins let you lay down and make money." "The era of blockchain 6.0 has arrived, and the high return of XX coins is not a dream" … If you have a lot of communities on WeChat, these words should be familiar. We […]

PoW will be replaced? PoC may start a new era of mining

Thanks to the consensus mechanism adopted by Bitcoin, BTC has been evaluated by many analysts as one of the most secure databases for human beings at the same time; at the same time, the high energy consumption problem caused by PoW is increasingly criticized by society. In order to reduce energy consumption and the entry […]

How to tell the story of the public chain in 2020?

What did the public chain experience in 2019? Of the 20,000 public chains, only 200 survived, with a 1% survival rate. From competing for millions of TPS, to competing with the DApp ecosystem, to the now-defensive Defi. In waves of torrents, launching the mainnet, building a developer community, and building DApps seem to have become […]

On the "chain" real economy, how does Lava do it?

"Making machines of trust." When The Economist first reported on blockchain in 2015, it was likened to it. The blockchain has established a complete set of traceable, non-modifiable decentralized distributed ledgers based on cryptographic methods, relying on a unique consensus mechanism and incentives to quickly establish trust between originally strange and full of suspicion. To […]