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Zhejiang court launched "e-key intelligent delivery", the whole process of on-chain deposit certificate through blockchain technology

Source: Chinanews Editor's Note: The original title was "Zhejiang Court Launches" e-Key Smart Delivery ", No Manual Interference in the Whole Process" "E-key smart delivery" launch ceremony. Photo by Guo Qiyu China News Network, Hangzhou, January 8th (Guo Qiyu) On January 8th, the "e-key intelligent delivery" system was launched in the courts of Zhejiang Province. […]

In 2019, the U.S. Congress frequently moves. What impact will the two crypto-related bills it proposes have?

With the advent of 2020, U.S. lawmakers are drafting relevant bills for the cryptocurrency space, clearly defining stablecoins, and providing regulatory clarity for tech companies like Facebook that want to create their own cryptocurrencies. Image source: pixabay On July 15, 2019, the Democratic Majority of the House Financial Services Committee of the U.S. House of […]

First in the country! Judicial Application of Judicial Blockchain Smart Contract Technology in E-commerce Dispute

Source: Hangzhou Internet Court Today, the judicial block chain smart contract technology was applied to the first case in the country in civil litigation trials, and the first case in the e-commerce field where the entire process of the on-chain deposit certificate was pronounced online! Case brief "The defendant rented a mobile phone from the […]

Babbitt Column | Which File Must I Know About Blockchain Entrepreneurship?

It's almost a year since January 10, 2019. On that day, the National Internet Information Office issued the "Regulations on the Management of Blockchain Information Services" (hereinafter referred to as the "Blockchain Information Provisions"), which came into effect on February 15 this year. The filing process in various places is proceeding in an orderly manner. […]

Babbitt Column | What is the "occupation of occupation" that the mining industry is concerned about?

The founder of a mining machine was arrested for suspected occupation, and within a period of time, many friends asked her privately: What is occupation, and how many years can you sentence? What is the threshold for conviction? and many more. Sister Yun did not intend to make judgments on specific cases, but only aimed […]

Babbitt Column | Xiao Zheng: What are the new judicial trends of blockchain projects?

Recently, there are many issues and cases in the chain circle and currency circle exchanged with case-handling agencies. Regarding the legal risks and actual probabilities of blockchain projects, I would like to remind you once again that you should not “make a crime” in special times and stay away from the law Risk, truly use […]

Interpretation of the new regulations of the National Development and Reform Commission: Is virtual currency mining allowed or restricted to the restricted or eliminated category?

According to the author: The latest revision of the "Industrial Structure Adjustment Catalogue" issued by the National Development and Reform Commission did not classify virtual currency mining as a phase-out category. Is it classified as a permitted category, or may it be restricted or eliminated? "Virtual currency 'mining' activity (production process of virtual currency such […]

Legal Research | Project Party White Paper Misrepresentation, How Investors Maintain Equity

Author: Chain Law Lawyers Source: Chain Method The white paper for the blockchain industry is the blueprint for the project and the development plan for the project. If a project's white paper is adjusted and upgraded with regulatory policies and market changes, investors are certainly willing to accept it. However, when the contents of the […]

Legal Daily Report: How to Inherit Digital Assets (I)

With the rapid development of Internet technology, people are entering a digital survival era. More and more Internet services are bound with more personal and property-oriented information content such as personal identification information and fund accounts. Can these huge digital assets be inherited according to existing laws and regulations? If you can inherit, what principles […]

If India continues to ban cryptocurrencies, it will lose a market worth $12.9 billion.

The rumor that the Indian government plans to ban cryptocurrencies in its entirety is finally confirmed to be true. The official report and the draft bill of the committee responsible for the development of the cryptographic use framework were issued on July 22 , the day before the Supreme Court hearing the encryption case. The […]