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Baidu intelligent cloud blockchain debut: What is the platform of "Tian Chain"?

On November 21st, at the Baidu Smart Cloud Techday Blockchain Product Salon, Baidu Smart Cloud team joined hands with industry players such as Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, Intel, Yuxin Technology, and Firecoin. They shared their development trend on blockchain and industry. Thinking about products and technologies. The blockchain layout of Dachang has always been one […]

Bright sword virtual currency! Multi-local supervision of the hand-coin security, the wave field official micro-enclosed digital coins collectively fled

Source: Securities Times Author: Li Xiang Recently, Shanghai, Beijing, Dongguan, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Henan and other places have been supervised by the “swords”, and the activities related to digital currency transactions have been thoroughly investigated. At the same time, the currency security, the wave field official microblogging was blocked. In addition, the Beijing police recently cracked […]

The market is weak and volatile, beware of the risk of breaking the position

Author | Hash sent analysis team Past review: The bears continue to suppress, BTC may fall to 8,000 US dollars? ※Review yesterday's market analysis and get more exciting content, please pay attention to the Hash faction public number (ID: hashpie)

Research: 21.6% of Bitcoin has not been moved for 5 years. The last big drop was made by short-term investors.

The recent sell-off in Bitcoin caused its price to fall below $7,500 for the first time in May – not because of the long-term holder's submission. Instead, research firm Delphi Digital reported that novice bitcoin investors (those holding between one and three months) caused a sharp drop in bitcoin prices in October. “In the days […]

Who is the future of the coin blockchain and the coinless blockchain?

Blockchain is the new favorite of the most ardent technology at the moment, and it has various expectations and prospects for its sustainable and healthy development. At present, the two hottest views are inextricably linked to the "coin". One tends to issue coins, which is called a coin-rich blockchain; one is against the issue of […]

Hangzhou Party Committee Secretary likes the blockchain: the number of our head enterprises is the third in the country

On November 2nd, the third (2019) Qiantangjiang Forum opened at the Hangzhou International Expo Center. The theme of this forum is “The Integration of the Yangtze River Delta: The New Mission of Finance, Technology and Industry”. Zhou Jiangyong, member of the Standing Committee of the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee and secretary of the Hangzhou Municipal […]

Intercontinental Exchange CEO: Bakkt is talking to major financial institutions to explore the possibility of adopting its Bitcoin derivatives

Key points: Jeffrey Sprecher, chief executive of the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), said that financial institutions, large and small, are negotiating with Bakkt to explore the possibility of adopting their services. Sprecher said that Bakkt is rapidly entering the options market because of the lack of transparency in the encryption market, and Bakkt can solve this […]

Zero Knowledge Proving Exploration | King Arthur's "Random" Challenge: From Interaction to Non-Interactive Zero Knowledge Proof

Author: Yu Guo Source: Ambi Lab   "Challenges are at times an indication of Lord's trust in you." Challenges, sometimes a manifestation of God trusting you. ― D. Todd Christofferson This article continues the long-term discussion of the mechanism behind the zero-knowledge proof, and hopes to help you understand the general outline of this type […]

Beijing government affairs service uses the blockchain. After reading these 7 questions, you will get started with the blockchain.

The Beijing News (Reporter Zhang Wei) Recently, the Politburo collectively studied the blockchain, making the blockchain once again a focus of attention. The reporter learned that some departments in Beijing have explored the application of blockchain technology to allow citizens to enjoy the convenience of new technologies in advance. So, what exactly is the blockchain? […]

Tether's large volume of transactions doubles in a week, and multiple data creates history

Source: Shallot blockchain According to data released by data analysis website IntoTheBlock, in the past week, the total amount of USDT transactions with a single transaction amount of more than 100,000 US dollars exceeded 7.3 billion US dollars, which was up 109.82% compared with the previous week. The continued growth of this transaction has been […]