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Swedish central bank partners with Accenture to launch e-krona e-krona pilot platform

According to a report by Reuters on December 13, the Riksbank of Sweden plans to create a digital currency pilot platform called e-krona. (Source: riksbank ) Swedish central bank cooperates with Irish Accenture The report said that the Swedish central bank said it would work with Irish professional services company Accenture to create a pilot […]

Blockchain Science Fiction: "Computing Power" (Part 1)

Hash memory Act I Spider Castle The factory's lamp is hung on a high pole, with a lampshade on it, like a chivalry wearing a bucket hat. The light emerged from the gap in the bucket, and under the refraction of the spectacle lens, a few arcs were drawn and penetrated into Hu Di's eyes. […]

KPMG launches KMPG Origin, a blockchain traceability platform, to improve transparency in multiple industries including financial services

According to Cointelegraph reported on November 29, KPMG, one of the world's four largest accounting firms, officially launched a blockchain-based traceability platform-KMPG Origin-in Australia, China and Japan. (Image source: flickr ) The company announced on November 28 that KMPG Origin aims to improve transparency and traceability in multiple industries, including agriculture, manufacturing and financial services. […]

National University of Singapore Visiting Professor Bai Shifang: FinTech Promotes Tech Finance

Author: Bai Shi Pan (National University visiting professor at Singapore, former president of the Singapore Institute of Monetary Authority); Ding-chang election (Deputy Director of the China Securities Regulatory Commission); Yan Li (Nanyang Technological Strategy Department Senior Lecturer and bilingual MBA academic director of the University Business School ) Editor's note: This article was originally published […]

Which company likes to hire people the most? Which jobs are most popular? 2019 Blockchain Overseas Recruitment List

There is always a gold rush mentality surrounding Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Despite sharp price fluctuations (the value of Bitcoin soared by more than 230% in the first six months of 2019, up to more than $ 12,000), nearly half of companies cited regulatory uncertainty as a major obstacle to blockchain adoption, but employers still […]

Tucao Series | Blockchain Games on Steam

Guide: "Mom, I want to play chain games." "Play, play big production, four is not enough?" If you still think that blockchain games are still web games, then OUT, as blockchain games The production is more and more sophisticated, and the development team is becoming more and more formal. Many blockchain games have launched end-game […]

Twitter staged "year-end drama", Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin became industry leader

BitTorrent creator Bram Cohen recently expressed his opposition to Ethereum in a Twitter storm against Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin and outlined his concerns about the feasibility of the project. Image source: Pixabay The crypto community has never been short of "big shows", and a new show seems to be emerging. Recently, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin […]

How the Macro Economy Affects Bitcoin Price

Compilation: Orange Book This summer, the global economy began to enter a downward cycle, and Bitcoin was at its climax. At that time, everyone liked to understand the meaning of Bitcoin when it was born from the economic crisis and broke out from the economic crisis. As the months passed, the market ushered in another […]

Comment: The premise of regulation is to clearly define the precise meaning of digital assets

Recently, management agencies have launched an overwhelming regulatory storm, and the media has contributed to the formation of propaganda offensives, to a certain extent, to curb the unhealthy atmosphere of the currency circle, to build a good environment where Fengqingqi is returning to its original heart, and to promote blockchain technology to benefit people and […]

The recent outbreak of a new ransomware has broken the heart for "promotion" of Bitcoin

Source: Shallot Blockchain The Bitcoin ransomware named DeathRansom almost became a laughing stock in the early days, because the infected users found that the logic of the virus locking the file was very rough, just adding a ".wctc" extension to the original file name , And the user only needs to delete this extension, and […]