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Google extension impersonates Ledger official identity, 1.4 million XRP have been stolen

Ledger users, be careful. Some perpetrators want to take your backup seeds. If you see ads for the Ledger Live Chrome extension on Google-dodge it like a plague. According to xrplorer forensics, about 1.4 million XRP have been stolen so far, but all currencies are at risk of being stolen. Yesterday, the XRP tracking browser […]

Million-sold hardware wallet, can Ledger NanoX shake the throne of the previous "machine emperor"

Hi experience new and good things, anti-human design, here is the ChainNode evaluation room, I am a guest woman in this issue, Xiao Meng . Fcoin, which has made a sensation in the mining industry through transactions, officially announced in February that it was unable to pay, with a scale of up to 7000-13,000 BTC, […]

Translation | On the Network Effect of Storage Tokens

This article is translated from: Translator: Block Chinese Subtitles Block Mercenary This article is the spiritual successor to Some Fallacies About Smart Contracts . Bitcoin has a network effect. Many advocates of cryptography assert that the network effect of Bitcoin is so powerful that hyperbitcoinization is inevitable. But this is not entirely true. Many […]

Analysis: After Istanbul upgrade, the maximum TPS of Ethereum theory is 2048, but a new bottleneck has appeared

According to foreign media news today, the blockchain-based identity management solution company iden3 recently released the analysis results of testing Ethereum blockchain transaction throughput before and after the Istanbul upgrade and ZKRollup. Source: Pixabay The analysis concluded that after the Istanbul upgrade, using ZKRollup, the maximum theoretical limit that Ethereum can handle is 2048 tps. […]

Blockchain economic panorama and future: Fintech evolution engine (on)

Since the birth of Bitcoin in 2008, the core technology that supports its underlying operations, the blockchain technology, has become increasingly mature and has entered the mainstream financial technology world with the rise of Bitcoin prices. The 46th World Economic Forum Davos Annual Conference will include blockchain along with artificial intelligence and autonomous driving in […]

Introduction to Technology | Understanding Bulletproofs of Zero Knowledge Proof Algorithms –Range Proof III

Foreword This article mainly shares the specific implementation details of the Bulletproofs-based Range proof, and makes a comparative analysis with the existing implementation on github. Before reading this, I assume you have read: Step1. Understand Bulletproofs-Range Proof I ( ) Step2. Understanding the Bulletproofs of Zero Knowledge Proof Algorithm-Range Proof II ( ) […]

Research report | Observation of the exploration of decentralized community governance from DAO, DCR to Polkadot

With the introduction of Polkadot, MolochDAO, DigixDAO, GenesisDAO, DxDAO, WBTC DAO and PolkaDAO, 2019 can be said to be a "year of DAO". The emergence of code as law has made decentralization possible. The concept of Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) emerged at the historic moment. Through the combination of decentralization, autonomy, autonomy and token economic […]

About Token Classification Act, Libra, and SEC: Interview with Kristin Smith, Director of External Affairs, Blockchain Association

This article from the Finance Yahoo , the original author: Daniel Kuhn Odaily Planet Daily Translator: Moni 2019 is coming to an end, and Kristin Smith, head of external affairs at the Blockchain Association, headquartered in Washington, D.C., shares his views on blockchain and the state of the world. By bringing together different projects, investors, […]

Perspectives | MOV Ecology and Blockchain Thinking

1 Pain points of the blockchain industry We often wonder whether the positive attitude of the government, the positive reports of the media, the accumulation of funds and talents, the world of the blockchain seems bright, but when you look down at the reality, you will find that the journey is long and distant. Seems […]

Babbitt Site | Super Ledger Beyond Fabric, 15 Projects in Progress, Reward 9 Cases

On December 14, the "IN-Chain Global Blockchain Summit" hosted by Mutual Chain Pulse under the guidance of the Fifth Institute of Electronics of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology was successfully held in Beijing Shangri-La. Chinese community manager Long Wenxuan shared the latest progress of the super ledger. Long Wenxuan said: "In addition to […]