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Inventory of six major digital asset wealth management models: the dual currency wealth management yields the highest, and the exchange Staking has the strongest liquidity

The recent FCoin thunderstorm has caused a thousand layers of waves. The FCoin event involves a huge amount of money, a large number of direct / indirect damages, FCoin is extremely well-known, and because FCoin is closed directly and there is no room for buffering, the impact of the FCoin event is enormous. Affected by […]

The most profitable cryptocurrency field is lending

Source: LongHash In the cryptocurrency world, it is easy to focus on the two most common types of tokens: smart contract tokens (such as Ethereum) and currency tokens (such as Bitcoin). However, if you look at the median return on investment (ROI) of cryptocurrencies over the past 90 days and the past year, you will […]

Featured | Examining various centralized and decentralized crypto lending platforms

Satoshi Masamoto: 5 daily high-quality articles on cryptocurrencies Today's content includes: 1 Review each centralized and decentralized crypto lending platform; 2 Some games require a closed ecosystem; 3 trillions of ETH use cases; 4 The concept of charging fees and taxes in decentralized asset transactions; 5 Blockchain social network: Use blockchain for monetization and data […]

Genesis Capital's third quarter report analyzes opportunities for cryptocurrency lending

Original source: Genesis Capital Compile: Sharing Finance Neo Source: Sharing Finance Today, Genesis Capital, the world's largest institutional digital asset lending platform, released its third quarter report. The report shows that Genesis' digital asset lending business continues to grow. In the third quarter of 2019, Genesis added $870 million in new loans, breaking the record […]

Bloomberg: The $5 billion encryption loan market is just a credit bubble that is about to burst?

This article from Bloomberg , the original author: Alastair Marsh Odaily Planet Daily Translator | Yu Shunzhen Bloomberg issued a statement saying that the financial rules still apply to the parallel universe of cryptocurrencies. A group of former Wall Street traders who are looking for wealth in digital assets say credit encryption is expanding too […]

CoinMarketCap publishes a cryptocurrency rate page that allows users to compare

CoinMarketCap, a cryptocurrency data provider, has released a new page on which to publish interest rates offered by several cryptocurrencies to help users compare and select the right products. The page is called "CoinMarketCap Rate" and contains 33 cryptocurrencies and stable currencies. It covers information from major lending platforms including BlockFi, Celsius Network, and currency […]

Cryptographic currency lending: Innovation or emulation?

The cryptocurrency lending platform has launched attacks on the traditional banking system. The front line has been drawn and the troops have been assembled. On one side are banking monopolies, which have been supported by entrenched financial infrastructure for hundreds of years; on the other side are some cryptocurrency companies whose arms may be just […]

Genesis Lending Report: A year's borrowing scale exceeds $1.5 billion, and French currency loans are favored.

There is a strong correlation between currency price changes and lending activities. In the past year, with the rise of the derivatives market, the development of encryption and lending has flourished. On April 25th, the first quarter lending snapshot (Lending Snapshot) released by agency-based encryption loan company Genesis Capital not only revealed that it had […]